Napoleon’s plan to live in America: America … a country with it’s strange form of FREEDOM

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I’m reading Napoleon’s personal memoirs in bits and pieces as I get the time. I’m a huge Napoleon fan and it amazed me how long it took me to find his memoirs. Even when I used to frequent a British website filled with “Napoleon experts”, several of whom had authored books on the Napoleonic wars, do you know, that when I asked where his memoirs were or who had written them, nobody would tell me? But now that I’m well into Volume 2 of the 4 Volume series regarding Napoleon, I am beginning to understand why nobody in the Anglo world ever quotes Napoleon because Napoleon says many interesting things. In fact, Napoleon even states that the British will poison him!!

But I had read from many sources that Napoleon planned to go to America, and indeed in his memoirs this is made much clearer. Napoleon and many of his supporters, some of whom were rich, planned to move to the USA and create a French colony there. His aim was to arrive and live as a normal person.

In Napoleon’s memoirs, he speaks of the Jews in a seriously derogatory manner, and he also speaks of BANKERS with disgust, and also contractors. These financial types he sees as real scum and he explains what it is in their behaviour that results in this. I will return to this topic. It is a clear reflection of what is happening in the USA now.

Anyhow, I was quite struck by Napoleon referring to America and “it’s strange form of FREEDOM”. America as he saw it, and as it stood back then, was a land where EVERYONE IS AT THE SAME LEVEL. There is not aristocracy, there is no elite … EVERYONE IS THE SAME AND EVERYONE HAS THE SAME RIGHTS. But of course, the modern America is really not like that. The Elite exist. They are the elite, not by birth, really, but by money. Though “Old Money” (to use a South African term) does have it’s advantages.

You can’t get away from the need to have an elite. This is a normal part of life. There are a number of things in Napoleon’s memoirs that I will return to in the time ahead in videos. I find it quite sad actually.

What is clear is that Napoleon would probably have ended up doing some pretty important things if he’d made it to America. He had enough French supporters still, who had money, who would have moved to America with him. There is no doubt in my mind, given his energy and brilliance, that something would have been born in America if he had lived there. It is possible that he would have linked up with the French in Canada, and perhaps a much more powerful White French nation would have arisen in North America as a result.

How it was that Napoleon ended up in the hands of the disgusting British is another story. But what an eye-opening book it is. I’m so delighted I finally found it.

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