My First Thoughts on Stew Peters’ documentary: Died Suddenly…

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I watched the documentary and highly recommend it.

I’m not one who openly claims that the vaccine will kill everyone. In the beginning and for a long time, I was wondering whether hundreds of millions of people would drop dead after 2 years. We’re pretty much close to that point.

But I have become ever more skeptical about the mass die off.

However, I am concerned about the vaccine and what exactly was put into people’s bodies. I stayed far away from the vaccine and will NEVER take a vaccine. I’m definitely against all these weird vaccinations. I still have many questions about mRNA and what exactly they put into people’s bodies and what the long term effects are.

I am concerned generally by the massive drop in White fertility anyway. White males and men in general have a huge 62% drop in sperm counts over the decades.

For me the most shocking part of Died Suddenly was the data on deaths in the US Military and the deaths of children before they’re born. The pregnancies that are going wrong are very shocking. That to me was the worst part.

Also all the other weird stuff – the clotting, etc. I actually want to watch parts of the documentary again.

Although it does not mention Jews, I think this is a good documentary and it will add a lot to the stir regarding the COVID vaccine weirdness.

I’m liking the growing boldness of the White Right. It’s excellent. I am pleased that all-round, this COVID stuff has created a massive counter reaction by Whites everywhere – even in South Africa many Whites totally avoided the vaccine crap.

Something else of concern is that various batches of the vaccine were different. I’ve come across references to this.

There are many questions in my mind and the LONG TERM effects are a concern. I am worried because Whites were massively vaccinated worldwide. I wonder what this means.

Falling fertility in men and women concerns me. That’s like a death sentence. That’s genocide.

We need to watch the numbers … we need CHILDREN – in huge numbers.

So we need to watch that.

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