My Email to a Vietnam Veteran: Can revolution come to Whites? Are Whites IMMUNE to REVOLUTION?


[A Vietnam Veteran I know was rather skeptical about some things I had posted on my website recently. He said he does not share my optimism. Jan]

This was my response to him:

The key here Mitch is revolution. Napoleon, himself the product of a revolution, and a master of warfare said something like this: A revolution cannot be started and a revolution cannot be stopped. In other words, it runs by its own mechanism.

Having observed how revolution worked in Rhodesia and South Africa, and with some of my own knowledge of history, I see no reason at all why Whites cannot be immune to revolution. We might want revolution now, just as others have wanted it decades ago, but it will happen by itself.

What I will tell you is that the key mechanism lies in information and the mind.

In Rhodesia and South Africa the black communists had to spend years "educating" (brainwashing) their people into revolution. It takes time. You were in Vietnam. The Vietcong did the same thing. You have to prepare people’s minds. And Whites, definitely, will not move for simple or nonsense reasons.

The spinelessness, in my view comes from the (((enemy))) within – which is a problematic feature of the Anglo side of our race.

Whites cannot be immune to revolution. But at what point they are disgruntled enough, is something we cannot calculate.

I am a firm believer that history remains real. We are not immune to the trends of past history. The mechanisms are different now, because of high speed communication. But why do you think there is so much insane censorship? Clearly the powers that be, fear the effects of the message. Otherwise they would not be censoring as insanely as they are.

The blacks themselves, changed over time. Ideas were pumping into their heads until they became violent. In time, leaders will appear.

More importantly, there is a rotting process that takes place among people. It is not visible. But people quietly dump values and quietly fake things. The blacks did that to us. They went through the motions while working against us. Some published their stories later and told of how they worked at a day job and then did revolution at night.

Eventually this entire charade will collapse. BUT THE KEY IS COMMUNICATION AMONG WHITES. If that is BROKEN, then we have real trouble. As Whites chat they are laying the foundations for new values and new political thought. Eventually, people will want it and later they’ll be willing to engage in war in order to get what they want.

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