My Analysis: Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Loose Licenses

[Some folks were citing others who say that Trump is about to make the final moves in his 4D chess game. But I differ. Jan]

This is what I wrote to them:

As much as I would love to believe Trump will do martial law, the insurrection act, etc, etc – I don’t believe a word of it. He will leave on 20th January. People are in for a big shock. People who believe in him. I just did a show with Sonny Thomas and he says that credit card companies have cut ties with Trump’s businesses and that companies are breaking deals they had with Trump’s companies. This is "war" … they’re out to destroy Trump and Trump is out on his own mission (which I think is going to be a Third Party it seems). People who believe Trump will win and will retain the Presidency are wrong. Trump said he would not attend the inauguration, which is good. Trump is going to take his 75 million supporters and start a new political party. I’m wondering if the GOP will end up being the BIG LOSER from this when all is said and done over the next 2 years? But the Left will do all they can to destroy Trump so he can’t make a move. They won’t let go of him. The fact that they impeached him AGAIN, just shows the pure hatred they have for him. They want to smash his name in every way possible. We have a Political/Cultural WAR that is going to rage for years to come. Pence, Graham and other weaklings may have sealed the fate of the GOP I think. People will rather follow Trump.

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