McCaul: China’s ‘Timetable’ for Invading Taiwan Is Biden Being in Office, Invasion ‘Going to Happen Unde r President Biden’s Watch’

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[There is definite logic to this. And I'm sure Putin also looked on Biden as a weakling, and that's why he chose to make his move on Ukraine. But the difference is, with China, that Taiwan is a much tougher targer for the dumb Chinese than Ukraine was for the Russians. The Chinese will suffer HUGE LOSSES. Don't lose any sleep over China invading Taiwan. Even on Biden's watch, the Chinese are dumb ass fools. Don't worry too much about them. The military problem is very serious. The world will be even more astounded when China tries to invade Taiwan and ends up with a thoroughly bloody nose. Jan]

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) argued that as long as President Joe Biden is in office and China sees “the weakness projected” by Biden, “that is their timetable” for an invasion of Taiwan, “just like Putin invading Ukraine.” McCaul also stated that while China would like to take Taiwan without military conflict, “plan B is a military invasion and it’s going to happen under President Biden’s watch.” And that China has studied Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “very closely.”

McCaul said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:55] “[I]f you look at the map, they are circling the island right now. They’re being very military provocative. I think as long as Biden is in office and they see the weakness projected, that that is their timetable to invade, just like Putin invading Ukraine. And they’re looking at Ukraine very closely. Would they prefer to do it like Hong Kong without a shot fired or the Solomon Islands? Of course, right. Or maybe…they want to do it by overthrowing an election or by disinformation. But plan B is a military invasion and it’s going to happen under President Biden’s watch.”

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