Lots of new Menu changes: Contact us, Interview Requests, Volunteers, Business proposals, Shop, etc


I’ve made a LOT of changes to the menu on the website. I’m trying to streamline the process whereby people leave messages for me and try to contact me, so that its more manageable. I’ve been inundated with so many Contact us messages, that I’ve just not been able to deal with them in any effective way. So I’m making these changes after having given it a lot of thought.

NB: The Volunteers section is special, and I will post a separate article along with a short audio to explain the purpose behind the Volunteers section. 

If you’ve not heard from me, then its just plain chaos on my side as being the main reason.

I’ve changed every menu item. Note also: An online shop is coming… as a separate website. Don’t miss it. This is going to be a very different shop.

This is all part of my preparations for 2019. I’m hoping to hit the ground running in 2019…

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