Lady writes: We’re heading to Transgender at Warp speed…


A lady wrote this to me:This trans mutant says that he feels it is invasive to be asked for medical verification, a note from his doctor, before being allowed into a beauty pageant. Once I stopped laughing, I got angry. They let him into the pageant but would not let him sleep in the same room with one of the contestants. You know that restriction will also be challenged in pageants and in dorm rooms. This is going to lead to more women being raped. A letter can be forged. At some point even asking for verification will be punishable. Give an inch. They take a yard. I was beautiful back when. I sat down next to a man dressed in woman’s clothes and he put the make on me. It was at the counter where I had lunch. I was fascinated by this guy. I was safe. It was at a very public place. But I never forgot that experience. Men do pay attention to especially beautiful women and I was used to being the object of unwanted advances. But this was different. As he touched my arm I probed him with questions. He claimed to be entirely heterosexual but just liked to wear women clothes. He might have been an undercover cop. I now know that cops dress like women for certain things downtown in Oakland, Ca where the Federal Building is. Back then in my late teens I did not know that so never thought to ask. I was staying at the YWCA. The Miss Universe contestants were there. I spoke with Miss Sweden. I told her she was so beautiful and that I hoped she would win. My sister did the pageant thing. She won several titles and because she is brainy went on with her life. My other sister married a lawyer. He had two children from a former spouse. The boy became a tranny. I saw a picture of him and his boyfriend who is also a tranny. The guy looks like the trans Surgeon General which made me wonder if maybe that dude still has his equipment. You never know. People are so messed up. It is really too bad. I had a stepson who turned gay. It is so common. I told him that he isn’t really gay but that he is just confused. I believe that most of these homosexuals, transsexuals are mentally disturbed and only a few are physically female brain. I don’t hate them. I feel sorry about them. But they are pushing this like it is a good thing when it is not. It is something that has to be stopped and dealt with like a disorder, which it is.

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