Kicking aside super-black-pilled Whites in North America & South Africa who annoy me with defeatism


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2007: S.Africa: AIDS: Drug Resistant TB: People will die like flies in southern Africa
This was an article I published from a White pathologist in S.Africa. AIDS and TB combine to kill lots of Blacks. The pathologist sent me some really interesting info in this article.

[For the older people who do not know what the terms blue pill, red pill and black pill mean:

These are terms from the movie The Matrix. Blue pill is information that makes you feel good. The blue pill is also a lie. The red pill is the harsh truth. A black pill is depression, despondency and defeatism.

I have been reaching out now and then to people in North America, to give information, talk, do interviews, etc.

Until now I have not complained. I have never spoken a bad word about anyone. But I am sick and tired of those who are so black-pilled that they’re ready to die.

I am not here to pick up every “leader” and “personality” who has lost faith in their own cause. They are so black pilled that they have all lost the will to continue then they must QUIT. Then they must shut up.

Here in South Africa, for the past 3 years, I have been kicking people aside, rudely, instantaneously, by the many, many dozens. It started with Suidlander types influenced by the idiots Gustav Muller, Simon Roche and their ilk.

As a result of this, I now have filtered out and found good quality whites and my message is spreading nicely.

However, in the USA, I have, over the last year had more and more such run-ins. I, myself, am struggling to hold my setup together. I have put MASSIVE technical work into my websites, and video/audio platform over the last 3 years. I have committed myself totally to what I want to do.


I have also been very well mannered with people I write to, and people I communicate with overseas, in order to not cause bad feelings. When they make mistakes in their analysis, I have very politely, either just ignored it, and not hurt their feelings by challenging them, OR I have told them very politely, at length, OFTEN FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND STRUGGLE HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA, WHAT I HAVE LEARNED.

I have then found that some people NEVER LISTEN. They are so black pilled and so certain of themselves, that they will not listen.

I do NOT have unlimited amounts of time to interview people to whom I have to repeat things, when the do not listen the first time when I take my time to carefully explain things – many time from first hand experience OR from the experiences and achievements of the whites in Africa IN THE FACE OF INCREDIBLE ODDS.

So finally, after having engaged in a lot of work and struggle, often operating from a disadvantage, because unlike Americans and Canadians, I do NOT have access to get funds the ways they do when paypal and credit cards are shut.

I finally felt I am ready to begin inviting people to do interviews. And what a lot of rot that turned out to be.

I noticed how people complain about simple things. People will complain about all sorts of very minor things to do with the interview, while FORGETTING, that having my own platforms, also means that putting up a video or audio is actually a lot more work than in the days of youtube. That if I interview you for an hour or two, I may actually spend 4 hours preparing that to go online.

WHY? Because I have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL of what I put in that video. So you will find that we talked for 2 hours, but I might end up spending 2-4 hours listening to that once or even twice, to remove anything that could be problematic to me in the future. Then there is still the actual technical work of setting it up and uploading it.

Yet, time and again I find that these people think only of their 1 or 2 hours, while forgetting my 4 hours.

Starting in January 2019, I was doing a show with someone, whose name I will not mention, I had the most hideous 5 hour intense argument with this person. This American attacked me incessantly about how useless whites in Africa were, and how stupid we were to never nuke the blacks, etc. I tried to explain to this person how war and life actually works and what we did and the great achievements we had. WE WERE NOT PERFECT. But we sure, more than held our own. I explained the strengths of whites and that in the end, it was not the physical problems of life that broke us as much as MORALE and POLITICS which was totally stacked against us. I had the most extremely unpleasant discussion with that person who shall remain unamed.

I have since done certain shows, but less and less of them, because of the unpleasantness, and nasty comments that I had to put up with, despite me doing ALL the technical work at length.

However, what has begun to really flip me out are my recent invitations to certain people.

I invited 2 people to do an interview with this week. One of whom I had met in person, and was very appreciative of all that he had done when I was in north America.

I intended a 1-1.5 hour discussion. In the end, I found myself with someone so black-pilled. In fact, I had 2 guests. Both of them NOTICED MY GOOD MOOD. I was in a good mood, keen to talk, enthusiastic. At a point BOTH OF THEM took great DELIGHT – it was clear to see. They took GREAT DELIGHT in telling me, that whites stand no chance and all whites will be defeated by the Jews. That nothing we can do can allow us to escape. I told them victory is possible.

They then TOOK GREAT DELIGHT in throwing one negative argument after another at me, and saying to me openly: Jan, I bet you can’t solve this problem. So they tell me something. Then very patiently, I make the counter argument. Then they say, well, I bet you don’t have an answer to this. And I answered that patiently. And so it went on. Both of these negative, black-pilled people taking delight and finding a delight in eventually, saying to me … ta da … SEE WE CAN’T WIN! WE CAN’T WIN!

I said nothing. But I had patiently, very patiently, answered everything seriously. However, it was clear, that everything I had said had gone IN ONE EAR and OUT THE OTHER F*CKING EAR.

We did the show to the end and it was a total of 3.5 hours, with me, most of the time making the arguments in favour of the means and methods by which we can beat our enemies.

Then a day later, I began to wonder if I should even put this show out. I began to think to myself that this is a complete waste of time. Not only that, but certain things had been said which need to be edited out. So I thought to myself, why must I waste 5+ hours of my time putting such a load of f*cking shit online.

I decided that I am doing to take that f*cking interview and throw it in the rubbish bin. I don’t need it. In the same period of time, I can make 2 of my own videos with my own messages and history that are relevant to whites.

So I resolved to throw that shit straight in the rubbish bin AND never invite those people for an interview.

Then my next interview was with John Kaminski. And I will mention his name.

I had read many positive things about the writings and good work of John Kaminski in the USA. When I went to the Fash Bash and Canada, a friend had organised a meeting in Florida. His name is Daniel. He’s a firm Christian Identity Christian. I’ve known him for long. Daniel said he would arrange a get-together. I made a big mistake in the USA in not terminating my trip on my return from Canada as planned, because I began spending money I could ill afford, and it caused me intense struggle when I returned to South Africa, to try and recover monies from my detour to Florida and Memphis. I will say that my efforts to go to Memphis WERE WORTHWHILE. I do not regret that. I learned and saw much, and the Memphis move was worth the effort.

However, the Florida move was a BIG COCK-UP. Let me explain the Florida cock-up. And it wasn’t Daniel’s fault, nor our kind host’s fault. Daniel went and invited many people, mostly Christians. I had one good guy from the Fash Bash who lived in Florida and wanted very much to attend, but I kept him away from it because I knew we were going to be among lots of Christians. In the end, I’m glad I did it. I saved him time wasted.

Among the people Daniel invited was Kyle Hunt of Renegade. He said he had a contact and could invite Kyle. I said, cool, if we can get him, then excellent. He said he could get John Kaminski – I said excellent. Let’s go for it.

In the end, neither Kyle nor Kaminski arrived.

Instead I found myself with a small group of Christians, a few of whom, were the most irritating know-alls I met during my time in the USA. One was so rude as to fire a bunch of questions to me about my lecture, before my lecture and to then proceed to leave. The Christians together as a group were the most irritating people I have ever met. Even my friend who had arranged the get-together later said to me: “Working with Christians is like herding cats”. Damned right. EVERY CHRISTIAN KNOWS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. AND EVERY CHRISTIAN HAS A DIFFERENT ANSWER. However, I waited and waited for hours on end, and nobody was interested in listening to my lecture. Eventually I had to say to them: Its getting DARK, I need to do this talk. This is why I flew here at my own expense. Eventually a handful of them were there and listened – finally.

I found the Christians in Flordia to be among the most miserable Americans I met during my trip. Truly, if the future is up to them, rest assured, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN AND THEY WILL ACHIEVE NOTHING.

But don’t worry, I met a NAZI from Rockwell’s The American NAZI Party who was one of the most black pilled people I have ever met in my life. What a miserable disappointment he was. And he was a NAZI.

In South Africa we have a handful of NAZIS and they are just as black pilled at this guy in America. And I kicked them aside quickly too.

I can understand a Christian being weak. But a NAZI and a Pagan, can NEVER be despondent or a defeatist. To be that, means to throw away everything that whites stand for. I will return to this topic. My view is that if you meet a despondent NAZI, then that NAZI does NOT understand what NAZISM is. Ditto for a Pagan. Don’t call yourself a NAZI especially, if you’re defeatist. That means you know nothing about NAZISM.

So let’s return to Kaminski. I was therefore quite irritated and irked that neither Kyle Hunt, nor Kaminski could manage to attend my talk and listen to what I was presenting in my 50 Years of Race War in Southern Africa. I worked extremely hard on it for MONTHS and I have a very special message that I want to get to whites inside South Africa and across the world.

But Kaminski, to his credit, tried to make up for my disappointment when I returned to SA, and he was friendly and we exchanged many emails and had very good chats.

So finally I invite him for an interview a week ago, and he tells me, yes. Then he adds in that there are only 3 million whites in SA versus 69 million blacks and I must consider leaving South Africa AND that due to Iran WW3 is upon us now.

I too had put out a video analysis in the day or so before about Iran, and that I’m seeing these mind-poisoned Christians going into WW3 MANIA yet again, for the billionth time.

So that was the final straw for me.

I know where this number of 3 vs 69 million comes from. It comes from an “old white woman”. I won’t mention her name. But she’s around, opining about South Africa endlessly with her own black pills.

This number is WRONG. But even if it was right, it is still nothing to be concerned about. This also contains a BASIC ASSUMPTION that all 69 million can actually fight us as whites. It contains many WRONG ASSUMPTIONS.

When it comes to MILITARY MATTERS, I NEVER LISTEN TO A WOMAN’S OPINION ON MILITARY MATTERS – EVER – even if she is a professor. I am a total sexist on this matter. I NEVER listen to a woman’s opinion on military stuff, no matter her background, no matter her intelligence. This is an area for white males only. I only study men who have done and know their stuff.

So I wrote to Kaminski, in an instant fury about him (a) Taking his military advice from an old woman (b) that there is NOT going to be WW3 this year as these death-loving Christians believe it will be. (I used to be the same myself … waiting to die… so happy it is coming).

I then said to him that at the end of 2020, he should write to be and ADMIT THAT I AM RIGHT if we have NOT had WW3.

I can post the full mail. Its no problem. But that is the gist of my short mail to him.

Another friend of mine in Europe said they also read Kaminski’s articles and eventually stopped because in the end he too concludes that there is no hope. So he too, in a softer way is black pilled.

What ANNOYS ME INTENSELY, is that a number of these people who write or create, who wish to debate with me, do not even go and watch/listen to a single video/audio that I have put out which touches on a military or historical topic. They just assume that I know nothing. And that annoys the living f*ck out of me. If you want to debate with me, but you do not even LISTEN to what I have to say on topics that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, then it begins to irritate me.

Some time later John wrote an email to me. It was possibly a nice email and possibly it may have said that I misunderstood or whatever. HOWEVER I DO NOT CARE. When I saw an email from him, I DELETED IT OUTRIGHT without even reading it, and I sent him this email below.

I have VOWED to myself that this year I’m going to create all the videos, especially the critical ones, that I have promised for long. This year I am not going to go wild, begging for interviews as in the past. I will do interviews on relevant topics and also with people whom I know WHO LISTEN.

For a long time, after my trip to the USA I wanted to write or do a video about entitled: “The Old Broken Right Wingers”. There are a bunch of them. Some are not that old. But there are a bunch of these people, and most of them are old. Most are American. Some are South African. These are the old black-pilled lot.

They can be characterised in the following manner:-
1) They say everything is lost and we will all die and some even say our race will become extinct.

2) Then after their despondent, crying message in (1), they then turn around and say, “Nobody is fighting, nobody is struggling, the people are too stupid, the people are too weak”.

I told one of them in South Africa, “Has it ever occurred to you that if the youth listen to you that they will go and commit suicide? (As it is white males are committing suicide in record numbers).

I have an actual audio message from one of these in South Africa. I have changed the voice so you cannot recognise this person. I will publish it. Then you will hear for yourself how one of these old black-pilled, broken, defeated right wingers sounds like. Then you will get an idea of how they talk.

Now I have had a guts full of these people. I went to them, learned from them, and then kicked them out of my circles. Their knowledge is excellent, but their minds and spirits are COMPLETELY BROKEN.

The NAZI we had at the Fash Bash, was the most irritating, negative person who went on to cause problems for us that we otherwise would not have had.

When I finally said goodbye to him, I vowed to never in my life deal with this person again.

When we organised the Fash Bash, there was so much intense negativity from white “leaders” and “personalities” it was unbelievable. Almost nobody in the entire USA wanted to come. And the excuses we had to put up with. And people ditching us, saying that antifa was going to screw us. Meanwhile the organisers of the Fash Bash had put in place security measures which worked PERFECTLY and we pulled it off DESPITE ALL THE COWARDS AND THE MOANERS AND GROANERS.

I am sick to death of everyone who predicts our failures. And if you are a “leader” or “personality” who has lost faith in our cause, then please, F*CK OFF. Get out of the way. There are young white teenagers creating memes and videos and contributing more loyally to the cause every day than you. Stop getting our spirits down. PISS OFF. If you can’t add value then get the f*ck out. There are PLENTY of whites on our social media who sit down daily and create content, messages, memes, videos, history that is good for our soul and spirit. It bonds us. It makes us happy. It allows us to exist in our WHITE WORLD and we are FREED from having to listen to f*cking JEWS/LIBERALS/BLACKS/COMMUNISTS. It is healthy for us mentally and psychologically.

In South Africa, I went to INTENSE LENGTHS trying to explain to the BROKEN OLD RIGHT WINGERS the many incredible achievements of white computer programmers and the Alt-Right in getting our message out.

We have so many HEROES from the Internet including whites who went out an KILLED our racial enemies including blacks and Jews. They’re sitting in prison.

We have excellent first-class people like Matt Hale sitting in jail for life … he was so effective at pushing the religion of CREATIVITY invented by another hero Ben Klassen.

We have many people who have done immense work, including white women who managed to spread our message to vast numbers of men. Among them Lana Lokteff, Sinead of Renegage and the No 1 woman, Evalion who reached at least 20 million people.

But now people are dead and despondent. I’m told even Evalion has disappeared. I know the details and she does not want to be interviewed by me.

The BROKEN OLD RIGHT WINGERS and the newer BROKEN RIGHT WINGERS, rather than bring everyone’s spirits down, should maybe just shut the f*ck up. We’ve come far, and the Internet has done amazing things.

If there’s one thing that annoys the living f*ck out of me, is the notion that WHITES DESERVE TO DIE. That’s just garbage.

And never once, do any of these people look at our racial enemies like the Jews and Blacks and see how their game plan is FALLING APART. I have a soft spot for the Muslims because the Muslims KILL JEWS and the Muslims fight Israel. I don’t agree with their religion, but we whites must keep our noses out of the affairs and culture of other races. Leave them alone. They must go to their homelands, and all these nonwhites in Europe and America must go. But like I say, I have a soft spot for the Muslims. They KILL JEWS and that’s excellent. They are also not as lawless as the blacks.



I’ve heard these broken old right-wingers, mocking the work of Ben Klassen. I have read Klassen. I have nothing but the highest respect for him and creativity.

If you cannot contribute positively, then F*CK OFF. But under no conditions must you dare come and break down the personal struggles, and even the outright heroism and sacrifice of others who often threw aside careers and business to focus on trying to save us.

Also, White Politics is TOO WEAK. We are TOO WEAK that we cannot even defend our right to exist as a people and to defend our views on what makes us special. We need to UP OUR GAME.

The answer to our survival is NOT WEAKNESS. It is NOT FORGIVENESS. It is HARDNESS, WORK AND DETERMINATION. That is how we as a RACE have ALWAYS responded to threats, with COURAGE and DETERMINATION.

Show me one instance where WEAKNESS resulted in SUCCESS. Show me this. I have never seen it.

If you lack courage, then stand aside for those who have it.

Socrates, was executed by Athenian authorities for the crime of DEMORALISATION. Socrates was the black-piller of his day. He was sentenced to death and allowed to drink hemlock so die.

When a Spartan mother sent her son to war she told him: You either come back with this shield (alive and victorious) or you come back on this shield (dead).

We whites must learn from the ancients.

When Hannibal wiped out the entire Roman army at Cannae with almost no survivors, the Romans FORBADE WEEPING IN PUBLIC. They raised new armies and went back into the fight.


I told the two men who delighted in finding reasons why we would die and lose to the Jew that “Life is WAR”. Life is STRUGGLE. Hitler himself said that. Hitler himself overcame worse problems than we face now. The Jews tried to kill Hitler 42 times. Do you think he was a quitter? If you are a NAZI you want to tell me you want to quit?

You do NOT understand our race, our people, our history, and if you are a NAZI and you accept defeat, then you don’t even know what the values are.

As for the fools, and idiots who predict the death and annihilation of us in South Africa. Have any of these fools actually read or studied military history? How many battles did NOT go the way people expected? Have you actually studied military history you lazy FOOL?

We in South Africa are NOT DEAD. And nobody must predict our deaths until the FIRST BATTLE HAS BEEN FOUGHT. Keep your big mouth shut until the first battle has been fought and you may be in for the shock of your life, you idiot.

All these fools and cowards who predict that North America and Europe are dead. Step aside and shut the f*ck up. Let those with more courage step to the fore and engage in the struggle.

And, from time to time, you lousy useless louts, go and say a KIND WORD to those whites who are trying and who are engaging in a thankless duty. Say: Hey thank-you! That was nice. You made my day, etc. Show some appreciate you PUNK.

Among these “leaders” and “personalities” I have found such punks, who would not spent one moment saying one kind word to one of their own. NOT ONE KIND WORD for the efforts of others, or the risks and struggles of others. And then these morons wonder why we apparently lack team work. Say something kind to a white person from time to time. It means a LOT. A simple kind word, may make their day. Do Not be an ASSHOLE.

To quote my brother, what he once said to a black in Rhodesia: “Don’t be a CUNT all your life”.

I will do an audio and I will actually let you listen to a recording of one such person. Then you will see what I put up with, and I just throw these people aside IN AN INSTANT. I will not tolerate this. I will NOT let them get in the way of what I want to do.

Here is my last message to John Kaminski, and I will hold him to this. At the end of 2020, I want him in writing to write back to me and tell me if I was right about WW3. (The same stupid f*cking Suidlanders have been even more wrong than Kaminski – they’ve been predicting white annihilation since 2007 … the longest track record of fools and failures … idiots).

Learn from the general who fought more battles in history than any man who ever lived. And stop listening to old women for your military advice. The next thing you will know is that I may need to consult a homeless bum on the streets and ask him for military advice.

Finally, listen to Napoleon. “Impossible is only in the dictionary of a fool” and “The moral is to the physical as three is to one”. I take the last one to mean: It does not matter what WEAPONS you have. What is more important is your SPIRIT. If you are keen to fight, it won’t matter what weapons you have. Your state of mind is much more important than the weapons you hold in your hands. You will make up for your lack of weapons, with your brain-power, creativity and determination.

My last email to Kaminski:

Hi John,
I saw you wrote me an email. I just deleted it outright without even reading it.
I’m not going to waste one second of my time further with you.

I’ve been busy kicking others aside in the last 2 days.

Good bye

And REMEMBER to write to me at the end of 2020 when WW3 has NOT HAPPENED and write to me and tell me I WAS RIGHT.

And also next year, when we in South Africa are still alive, remember to write to me then.


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