Joke: Jew George Soros dies & goes to hell…

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[A friend sent me this. Jan]

George Soros dies and goes to hell…

Upon arrival the Devil met him and told him that hell is over-flowing.

Firstly, you will remain in hell permanently, but because of the over-flow, someone else will have to be released.

You have 3 places to choose from:

In the first place, Soros sees is Barack Obama, swimming in a pool and continually diving down to the bottom, but coming up again and again empty handed. Soros says to the devil, this is not for me, I am not a good swimmer.

In the second place, Soros sees Al Gore in a cave, chopping continually with a big hammer at rocks, but never breaking a piece off. Again Soros says to the devil, this is not for me, I have a weak shoulder.

In the third place, there is Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, both of them completely naked and Monica is busy between Bills legs, with what she was doing at the time.

Now Soros says to the devil, this is for me, I can handle that!

The devil turns aside, hides a grin, turns back and says: “Okay Monica, you can go!”

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