Joe Biden’s Cancer – Communists often lie about dying… Hillary Clinton and Robert Mugabe


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I notice that not only does Joe Biden, the vaxxed, have COVID, but he also slipped into his statements that he has Cancer from it "raining oil" in Delaware.

Does Joe have cancer? I most certainly hope so, and I most certainly hope it is a fast acting cancer that will, as an added benefit, cause him intense pain while killing him quickly. He’s such a bag of garbage that I would wish pain and suffering on him. I would like to see him drop dead soon, so that we can be rid of him.

I must tell you that Communists, and Joe Biden is a White-Traitor, and a traitor to America and a COMMUNIST … Well, here’s the bad news. Over the decades as I’ve studed communists, I have seen them use the "I’m old and dying lie" plenty of times. The commie who used it many many many times was the Black Communist, Robert Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). He used it to great effect many times. He used it in so many ways that people thought that if they waited just 6 months or a year that the old lying f*ck would drop dead and things would get better. In reality he went on to live more than 15 years and was absolutely healthy.

If you go to my AfricanCrisis Archive here: you can search on Robert Mugabe and illness or health or dying and you’ll find articles. Here for example, is one from 2005, where I was already on to Mugabe deceiving people yet again. You can read my comments regarding this:

Another old useless communist bag of crap who used it was Hillary Clinton! Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton was said to be dying. You can read this article about it:

I suspect that the lying bag of crap aka Joe Biden POS, is possibly using the old communist I’m dying line because then he also gets SYMPATHY when in fact people hate the hell out of him. He’s at his most unpopular, so this is the perfect time to play this. Then people will sit back and say: He’s going to be dead soon and we’ll be free of him. But chances are, he’s not that ill, plus as US President he has access to totally first class facilities. I would not be surprised if he even survives until 2024 and quite a way after that. He might even run a 2nd time.

These Communist scum, who are so closely linked to the Jews, do not just drop dead. These bastards survive.

I truly wish Joe Biden would drop dead, but I’m not holding my breath. These filthy scum who rule us are assisted by the Devil I tell you.

And this story line is just Joe Biden crap aimed, specifically at garnering SYMPATHY and HOPE. Many people will be sorry on the basis of his apparent CANCER, and the others who hate him will HOPE he will drop dead.

None of the above will happen. Does he really have cancer? Well if so, it can’t be that bad. And what TYPE of cancer does he have? I would like to see more info. I wouldn’t just take this old POS at face value.

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