Joe Biden a White bag of shit… Pardon me while I puke… slightly better than the White Trash Clintons


I must tell you, I am in a sort of semi-shock in some respects to the (((chosen))) president of the USA Biden. It is like when Bill Clinton was elected. That freaked me out. The next huge shock for me was the brown fag Obama who became the first "black" president of the USA.

Now we have this dumb ass Biden who is basically the White Obama.

I have a meme I spotted recently on my computer while cleaning up my PC. It was a meme from 2013 about Biden. It said: "Joe Biden, like rock, ONLY DUMBER!" And that was 7 years ago!!!

What a bag of shit he is. A crook, and so many other things.

I can’t even imagine whether I ever want to see or hear any speech or statement by this bag of horse manure in the next 4 years.

I suppose the evil hag, Hillary Clinton would have been worse.

So thank God it’s not Hillary and Bill Clinton again.

Biden is slightly better than the White Trash, the Clintons.

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