JEWS AT WORK? 780 Generals & Officers speak out against Trump but 4,700 DO NOT!!!!!!!


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I was sure that this hatchet job on Trump was taken totally out of all proportion. 780 Generals sounds impressive … but how many Generals are there in the USA? Since various generals who spoke out against him are retired … I wonder how many are alive?

Well, in a story from 2006, at the URL below, it mentions that the total number of retired officers is: 4,700. This seems to be a purely military number and does NOT seem to include "national security leaders". The bottom line here is that 780 sounds hellishly impressive but in twisted (Jewish) reality it does not amount to a hill of beans. In fact, it makes up only 16% of the full number.

Now remember, the 4,700 retired Generals and officers are from 2006 … early in the time on the "war on terror". By now, that number must be MUCH BIGGER.

So maybe you’re even looking at 12% or 10% of the total number of retired officers. I’m willing to bet you that the reality is that most military are on the side of Trump.

What you’ve got are Jewish scum who are trying to CON YOU into believing Trump is insane, idiotic, etc.

Finally, I did come across mention over the months that lots of Generals and other retired military officers, many of whom retire at quite a young age I see, go into business and they get LOTS OF MONEY. So rest assured, they are surrounded by Jewish and elite monied scum who think like morons and who mess with the heads of the military guys. These former military types seem, in some cases, to be deeply embedded in money in a post-military career. So you can rest assured Jews and their scum got to them, and are pushing them into this idiocy.

ALSO: Remember that Obama and even Clinton were kicking out the right wing Generals and Admirals. Obama fired LOTS of them. In recent studied and reading, I came across references to the US structures working against right wing Generals as far back as 1960. I bet you that there has been a massive shift to try and get as many LIBERAL types into the military as possible.

So you are just being mind-f*cked by some trickery. This is NOT a valid assessment of Trump nor is it truly a reflection of what the military/intelligence types think. I think they mostly like Trump a lot. Notice how ex-Secret Service people like Trump! And they should know!!!!

It’s all hogwash and Jewish election trickery.

Here is the article that mentioned 4,700:

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