Jewish Synagogues Help Resettle Undocumented Africans into America’s Heartland

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African and arab refugees gathered together at a “birthday party” sponsored by jewish synagogues in Kansas to welcome them into America’s heartland and “Bible belt”:

Many of nearly 100 excited children running around a community center in Kansas City over the weekend had two things in common.

They were refugees, mostly from conflict-torn regions in Africa and the Middle East. And most were there to celebrate the same thing: a January 1 birth date.

Far from a strange coincidence, the date is usually assigned to immigrants who arrive in the United States without birth certificates, as refugees often do.

Some refugees may have never even celebrated a birthday back in their native countries and do not know when they were born.

So to mark their new, government-issued birthdays, several religious-based organizations in the Midwestern city have for the last four years organized a group birthday party.

This year’s event took place Sunday, complete with colorful balloon animals, cake and carnival games.

“We find the people welcome us. They are friendly and helpful,” said Zainab Abed, an Iraqi refugee who fled four years ago with her husband and three young sons after Islamic State group extremists threatened to kill them.

Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), a resettlement agency, joined with three synagogues to put on the party each January for the Christian and Muslim refugees resettled in the near-geographic center of the continental United States.

“The event says, ‘we are happy you are here, and we are happy you are part of our community,’” said Monica Kleinman, a rabbi at the Congregation Beth Torah synagogue in a Kansas City suburb…

“From the Jewish standpoint… it’s reiterated time and time again that we need to welcome strangers and regard those who have joined us as part of the community,” said Kleinman.

“With all the national rhetoric going on, it’s really important that we say, ‘No. These are our values. And this is how we’re going to live those values.’”

The number of refugee families JVS has helped resettle in Kansas and neighboring Missouri has declined from nearly 600 in 2016 to 160 last year. But birthday party organizers say they are undaunted in their commitment to make refugees feel welcome and to help them adjust to their new American lives.

Actually, from a “jewish standpoint”, they need to “welcome strangers” not into their own lands and own neighborhoods but rather into our White lands and formerly White and safe neighborhoods. Many Jews like to claim that it’s only the liberal or “secular” Jews who are pro-immigration, but this article makes it very clear that many religious Jews openly advocate for the flooding of our White Christian lands with Third World aliens who are hostile and inimical to our way of life.

And notice how these new African immigrants didn’t even have proper birth certificates, and yet somehow they managed to successfully make it through the “rigorous” screening by the U.S. Immigration Service. How is that even possible? If someone comes from a country that doesn’t even issue birth certificates, they certainly have no business ever setting foot in America, and yet they are here in the millions. And here they are in America’s heartland, where the jewish-controlled meat packaging industry is hiring them at lower wages than even the Mexican migrants make, a recipe for violence and social unrest.


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