Jewish scumbag Harvey Weinstein hires ‘prison consultant’ to prepare him for jail


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[Its nice to see a Jew going down. But this is still too soft. He deserves much worse. These people are never properly punished. Never. Jan]

Harvey Weinstein hired a “prison consultant’’ before his rape conviction to help prepare him for his time behind bars, his rep told The Post on Tuesday.

The life-behind-bars expert is not a psychologist, but he is helping Weinstein’s camp with logistics, for example, making sure he gets the proper medical care in jail, said spokesman Juda Engelmayer.

Weinstein suffers from diabetes and severe back problems, the rep said.

The consultant was hired as a precautionary measure, a source said.

Weinstein lawyer Arthur Aidala, who visited his client at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan on Tuesday, said it is unclear when the convicted rapist and former powerhouse movie producer might be moved to Rikers while awaiting sentencing March 11.

Weinstein, 67, was convicted in Manhattan court Monday of rape and criminal sex act — which leaves him facing up to 29 years behind bars. The judge refused to release him on bail and instead remanded him to jail until he sentences him.

The convict was taken to Bellevue from the courthouse because he was reportedly suffering from high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Harvey Weinstein accuser Ambra Gutierrez celebrates conviction outside court

“He is enthusiastic about continuing to fight,” Aidala said of his client. “We talked about him getting out as soon as possible.”


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