[I have on occasion, now and then, met the owner of He’s a Christian who pulls no punches regarding the Jews. He produces the greatest informative memes and photos which he’s been spreading around for YEARS. His research is good.

The ONLY Jewish story I do NOT believe regarding ritual murder or murder is the MacDonald’s story the “confession” by “Rabbi Abe Finkelstein”. I’ve listened to the audio and that is just a Jew messing with people’s heads. The notion that Jews grind up children which you eat at MacDonalds is nonsense. This is a Jew just messing with you and sending you off to make you look more foolish in the eyes of the “sleepers”, the whites and others who have not awakened to the evil of the Jew. So if you rush to them and say: In your MacDonald’s burgers are little children killed by Jews … then you’ll come across sounding as a nut.

For the Jews this mish mash of uncertainty … of truth meeting up with untruth is excellent for them. It allows one form of camouflage to hide a real crime. With the Jews you are always dealing with uncertainties and this is a DELIBERATE STRATEGY. That’s why for example the question of “Who is a Jew” is itself a bit of a mystery. Are you a Jew by belief or by parents or what? And the Jews play on these themes. They play on it to get the maximum they can and then to use it or misuse it according to their needs. So today Judaism is a religion. Tomorrow its your parents, but if they want to hide… then they come up with a story like they did with the communist Jew in South Africa called Ronnie Kasrils. This is a story I’ll tell in a video later.

But apart from the MacDonalds story, all the others are credible. There is the interesting story of Germans in America going missing and disappearing mysteriously in National Parks. So are Jews murdering Germans in America in National Parks? The owner of seems to think so. And to me that is good enough reason to dig more into this. The Jewish hatred of Germans is so pathalogical that we need to watch out for the Germans and the hateful Jewish treatment of Germans.

On this link I’m giving you is a lot of interesting stuff. I’ve also downloaded some of it for looking into later.

But I highly recommend that Jew-wise people follow Smoloko because they don’t muck around. The guy who runs it, does his utmost to put out good info on the Jews and the many many crimes that the Jews are constantly getting away with.

There is a video on Jewish Ritual murder and the narrator sounds to me like an Australian, but I think I’ve found references that he’s a New Zealander. He’s done awesome videos and I’ve got one that is extremely important which I’m going to show you and discuss. Its one of many things I’ve quietly accumulated for when I’m ready to get cracking with more intensity.

Does anyone know that narrator? Who is this New Zealander/Australian? He’s done really fine work, ALWAYS, first class stuff! Jan]

Click here to go to Smoloko to view Jewish Ritual Murder of Chritian (White) Children

11 thoughts on “JEWISH RITUAL MURDER OF WHITE CHRISTIAN CHILDREN & also: Are Jews murdering Germans in the USA?

  • 17th September 2017 at 5:59 am

    Here’s some suspicious deaths:

    I have suspected the “black death” was not a pandemic but rather a cover up for a deliberate genocide of Europeans by poisoning water supplies and proxy wars. Even Hitler seemed unaware of this as he mentions the plague in a speech as a natural event. The story we are told of black spots and flowers to clean the air are about as believable as the fictitious human soap bar and lampshade stories. Today’s “black plague” is cancer. If a society isn’t jew wise, they are definitely being poisoned as jews have a long history of poisoning host populations to undermine their vitality and as long as Whites live, jews can be expected to poison through every medium they have access to.

    Did Jews plan the White race mixing agenda centuries in advance when they brought African slaves to America?

    Is the sole reason for Europe’s sudden flourishing following the Dark Ages, into the Renaissance (rebirth), and Enlightenment period attributed to Europe successfully evicting jews?

    • 17th September 2017 at 12:14 pm

      Hi Jay
      Some interesting comments indeed from you. Tell me more about white prosperity after the middle ages. Are you saying whites were evicting the Jews on a large scale? Can you give me rough dates?

      I am ever more convinced that when the Spanish evicted the Jews that it led them directly to being a super power. In fact I was reading some military history the other day by a real expert and what he wrote of Spain added to my convictions.

      I think to say that Jews plan centuries ahead is not true. Jews in my view are more opportunist and tactical in the short term.

      The black death which tore up our face is something worth digging into. I also heard that Christians apparently killed the cats. But I have no solid source for this.

      It is very important for Jews to hide their successful maliciousness. They do this all the time.

      • 19th September 2017 at 3:04 am


        The 1562 painting “The Triumph of Death” depicts a scene of European genocide, not a plague. Was this a story of the previous few centuries? Scenes as these would take decades of degradation and invasions to get to the point where common people are defenseless and must have been occurring at the same time the black death supposedly occurred in 1350. See also “Irish Potato Famine was a deliberate genocide.”

        Based on the profoundly advanced art works from the Renaissance (1400-1500) and their flourishing subjects, I have hypothesized a reduced jewish presence in Europe for the time.

        I interpret the snake jousting paintings of the preceding middle ages (1000-1300) as hunting jews down, and the frequency of this theme in paintings of that period suggests it was a popular activity which could have led to a following period of flourishing in the Renaissance.

        If jews were evicted from Europe following the middle ages, there should be remnants of the organized group responsible. I think the knights templar may have been the group to evict jews from Europe but contemporary history ascribes differently of their journey to Jerusalem. I suspect what jews can’t remove from history, they hijack, adding false stories to cover up the original meaning. Like in Christianity, where jews have hi-jacked and added “the rapture” (scofield addition), circumcision, or in another case in King James edition I read a verse where the Romans conducted a “census” to count people in a mid 1800s print, while the current day print contains all the same words except “census” is replaced with “tax”. Interestingly the circumcision part was still in the mid 1800s American King James bible, which means Christianity in America had been hijacked at least that early to a degree. Also the Dead Sea Scroll find in 1947, being immediately after the result of WWII, seems fishy to me and I suspect was staged to justify changes to the bible, which I haven’t yet looked further into.

        “We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us…”  Protocols of Zion 16

        A recent example of jews removing history can be seen in the 2000 Zeugma excavation BBC documentary where Archaeologists find stunning mosaics of 2200 year old Aryan subjects and an “international expert” Jew attends to document the discovery and is interviewed, while a Nile river dam is coincidentally built at the same time which seems to serve no other function but to flood the archeological site, while hundreds of residents are forced to relocate. Few mosaics are salvaged before the site is flooded and by the time they reach museums they appear to have important details missing such as faces which would identify the race. Fortunately the documentary shows many mosaics being uncovered for the first time on film before they could be damaged. This leads me to question how much art has been destroyed by jews or is missing that we don’t know about.

        Even if the majority of jews are opportunist and tactical in the short term, examples of jews planning decades in advance include Israel Cohen’s “A Racial Program for the 20th Century”, “The Kalergi Plan”, and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

        • 19th September 2017 at 4:22 am

          You make many excellent points. I don’t think the Jews have ever been driven or if Europe en masse because they always move to get another territory inside Europe.

          I can’t comment on the interpretation of art.

          What I find extremely shocking is the destruction of the aryan archaeological art. Can you post a link to the documentary.

          One thing which makes me angry as hell is that these Jews destroy incredible irreplaceable archaeological items. For that alone these Jews should be killed. Just because they have no history and are a race of liars and to think they destroy unbelievably important treasures which are lost forever. I just want to spit blood at the thought of it.

          What is interesting too is the black death and the role of the Jews in it.

          They are pure garbage.

  • 11th September 2017 at 8:25 pm

    I don’t know Jan, ahem. I think a case can be made that Jews, because of their status as a vulnerable minority tend strongly to influence the dominant culture towards liberalism/globalism/diversity worship. Can’t get on board with ritual child killings however.
    I find your on the unvarnished ground reporting of SA fascinating- truly unique. Honestly i am a little surprised that SA has survived black rule for 20 yrs! I gave them 5 yrs tops before major dislocations. I agree with your assessment that if the 4 million whites in SA banded together effectively, they would whip everybody in sub-Sahara.

    • 12th September 2017 at 6:34 pm

      Why can’t jews speak English?

      they cannot define the difference between your and you’re

      They should all just move to fucking israel, and nuke themselves

      • 14th September 2017 at 4:59 am

        Jews won’t remain in Israel. They need the soft life only we whites can offer them. They need us. They are too lazy to run their own country and are tired of fighting the Arabs. These lazy Jews will always come to us. We should kick them out.

      • 16th September 2017 at 11:57 pm

        You’re sorta a bitch. How’s that? Heh.

  • 10th September 2017 at 8:19 am

    Hey Jan, Hope you are well.

    I believe your recent posts are spot on.. Mc Donalds selling human meat (infants etc) and that Jews do human sacrifices.
    The thing however is, how does one proof this…? I don’t know if you have seen the movie Snowpiercer?

    In there they have lots of subliminal messages, talking about mason/s , killing and eating children, how they control humans..
    I for one after watching this movie, stopped eating mc donalds because something didn’t feel right.. Same with burger king.

    As for human sacrifices, I believe they choose their targets very carefully (if aryan even better) , and they will use any means to kill or poison and then murder their victims.. Even from the beginning of time they did this, they are the descendants of the Devil and Cain.

    Now here is my interpretation of the Bible..

    God Created Adam and Eve in HIS IMAGE
    The Devil came and deceived Eve to take the forbidden fruit (which is, they had sex and he impregnate her)
    Then she went to Adam and had sex with him…
    Then she had two sons, Cain (the evil) and Abel (Just and wise as his father)(also man was created in the image of GOD, not the devil)
    Cain then murdered his Brother…

    Jesus then came along and said they (the jews) are the seed of their father, the DEVIL.

    It can only come as a fact? if jesus was born from a virgin , then it would mean he was not born from the seed of satan..?
    the other interesting topic is, whether jesus had a blood line? Some even believe that King Arthur was jesus…
    All wild claims

    The jews are getting more bold and open with what they are doing.. Look at Katy Perry’s recent video where they actually showing cannibalism.. This is not only fun for them, but they like to provoke us, so that we call them out and then they come after us… Once you realize your enemy is pure evil, is there really a reason to let them live? let them get away with what they are doing?


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