Jewish propaganda is everywhere: BEWARE the history you believe about the NAZIS…


[This is an excerpt from a discussion with Joe Rizoli about a video someone recommended. I agreed with the way Joe mentions people to be careful, because I agree, Jews are slipping lies under our noses as usual. Jan]

On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 2:40 AM Joseph Rizoli wrote:

Be careful of what you believe. I have serious issues with the connections here in video link to WHO financed Hitler and the propaganda connections to the making of Zyklon-B.

Lots of things are TRUTH in these videos but some opinions are ignorance…..The NAZI connections are up for debate….We all have TRUTHS but but all of our TRUTHS no matter what we believe are debatable……They shouldn’t be censored though….These videos are still up on YOUTUBE where-as I can’t even put videos up on YOUTUBE or even SUBSCRIBE to videos or comment to videos, WHY? Because I have crossed the third rail of free speech, I mention the WHO…..The RELIGIOUS WHO……

These groups of videos do one thing….they do NOT mention the word JEW in a NEGATIVE Biblical condemning way………Surprise me if you can find the words….THAT’S why these videos stay up…..OR prove me wrong…The newspapers also do the same thing. Show me any opinion page of ANY NEWSPAPER in America or the WORLD that lets you use the word JEW in a NEGATIVE COMPLAINING WAY…..

Last thing, the views on the HOLOCAUST would seem to go in the same direction, they have bitten the propaganda belief in it hook line and sinker, especially as proof with that mention of the Zyklon-B connection in this video. OBVIOUSLY they believe in the full propagandized version of the holocaust hook line and sinker……

Once you cross that line your career in any field, especially political, in any free speech agenda, you will be brought to a ruin….High school kids beware of that……You’ll be marked as the high school whore who will forever be marked for life by the real Deep State people….the Skull caps, the people of the STAR of DAVID…

Don’t get me wrong here about these topics I agree with a lot but they don’t go far enough and that’s why they are not banned from Youtube….

Jan wrote:
Hi JoeI’m glad to see the points you make. Whenever the word JEW is missing, I also become extremely suspicious. It sounds like just one of a million variations on the Jew theme.
Professor Quigley described the concept of a continuum, and how you can have millions of variations, e.g. in colours of the rainbow.

Jewish propaganda is like that. Its a continuum. I’ll make this as a point in a video. Its extremely important.

Because they have a TOTAL DISREGARD FOR REALITY AND THE TRUTH … which I could word as follows: For Jews, TRUTH = DEATH.

Its that simple. So their response is to have a million variations on propaganda about the Germans and NAZIs in particular.

They are merely experimenting to see if one of those million, is acceptable to us and then we’ve screwed ourselves.

This reminds me of Alex Jones. Always talks about the Elite, Elite … never names the Jew. Even says “the Elite” are … NAZIS.

Always covering for the Jews.

Goebbels was right. You must expose the Jews.

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