Jewish lies in the USA hit NEW HIGHS: Jews have made the USA so BLACK in the last decade… – My Comments


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[These are comments from one of my readers. This is dreadful. I can relate though with the blacks all over TV. I had a guts full of it here in SA and switched the TV off permanently in 2012. It pisses me off endlessly as well seeing blacks on adverts as scientists, engineers, etc, etc. Jews… pushing this fake multicultural, diversity rubbish. But I think in the end, the majority of whites will HATE IT. Jan]

If the world only knew how negri-tized America has become over the past decade.

Just yesterday 14 people were murdered in New York City alone all the perpetrators were Negroes.

More than half of all the television commercials feature Negroes.

They are the engineers who design things, the ones who know what products you should buy, they are the financial experts, the experts on insurance and what company you should go to.

Total la la Land all perpetrated by the Jews and their followers.

The lies get worse and worse by the day. Every single black run city in America is a shythole full of crime, violence, poverty and on a grand scale.

Last week a negro assassinated a six-year-old white boy. Except for Fox News not one of the other Jew stations covered the story.

One thing for certain the Jews have a date with destiny and the future will not be kind to them.

Who do they think will save them this time? Surely it will not be Great Britain and America!

They choose to live a lie and it will come back to bite them in the ass when the end comes for them all and it will come!

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