Jewish (junk) science: Leo Szilard the Jew who invented the Atomic bomb in 1933? Really?


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[I agree with Hitler on the notion of Jewish junk science. This is a perfect example. It seems this Jew was always diving in an registering patents before something was created. He had some sort of junk knowledge and it seems to me he was really trying to get a patent so that he could later dispute it. He apparently dived into many things before they became big. Nuclear power may have been one of his attempts.

This Jew apparently invented a nuclear bomb or nuclear reactor. On an interesting blog about nuclear science, they study his actual patent and point out that the summary sounds right but the actual technical detail is a concocted mess.

Keep in mind that the Jewish plagiarist, liar, communist, Einstein worked in a patent office and most likely stole his best ideas from things other people patented.

So Szilard is just another Jew screwing with the patents process because by lodging a patent he can later try his hand at legal actions and other tricks claiming he did it first when in fact, he’s just trying to beat someone to the punch.

See below the description of the patent as “a confused mess”. That’s Jewish science that Hitler would approve of. I think Szilard was nothing more than a Jewish chancer. Jan]

In the article the author writes:

This sounds awfully promising, especially when you know what you are looking for. It looks like he’s got the right idea, for a reactor at least: it is patent for creating a neutron-based chain reaction. The reason that neutrons matter is because they lack an electrical charge, and so are not repelled by either the protons or the electrons in atoms. This allows them to penetrate into the nucleus. If they can be linked up so that one reaction produces more reaction, they become a chain reaction. Sounds good, especially if we assume that he means an exponential chain reaction (i.e. each reaction produces more than one subsequent reaction).

But once you get beyond the heading, the details of the patent are, frankly, kind of a confused mess.

Further down in the comments section of the article the author adds this, which shows that the Jew was basically hunting for money-making opportunities by registering patents and clearly he was in touch with scientists and knowledgeable people, clearly picking their brains, gathering ideas and then registering patents so that he can corner the market. A typical Jewish approach:

He was definitely in touch with Fermi in 1936. In The Collected Works of Leo Szilard for example there is a reproduction of a letter from Szilard to Fermi from March 1936. He does not seem to be corresponding about Fermi’s experiments though, just about Szilard’s attempts to patent things (he is telling Fermi that he is only patenting them so he can assign the patents to a third-party if they prove useful, to make sure money is re-invested in the work), and he is wondering if Fermi is going to do similar things with his “slow-neutron” patent. He wrote a similar letter to Segrè. 

You can read the full article here, with its diagrams:

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