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Blacks in Africa believe in Witchcraft like crazy. Even Black Christians regard Witchcraft as more powerful than the Bible. Murders of Blacks for body parts for Witchcraft goes on in Africa all the time. Here‘s a story from SA.

[In this article they mention the Jewish Professor Chomsky. What a bag of crap he is. He was the first Jew I came across, where I realised this guy is just full of shit and he’s busy playing Whites like fiddles. He was the first Jew that I took an intense dislike to. This was long before I knew that Jews were even a topic or that they were a race of lying scum. I realised what a filthy disgusting, pre-meditated liar he was. He’s also a communist by the way. In this article they also mention that Exodus, and the Jews fleeing from Egypt in Biblical Times is also a load of old nonsense. This does not surprise me. All that ancient Jewish stuff is all totally ficticious nonsense. Jan]

Oh No

Oh yes. The Hebrews held as captive slaves in Egypt. An astrological forecast leading Ramses 1 to order all first born Hebrew male children slain. The baby Moses cast alone in a basket on the Nile, hiding in the reeds. Rescued, his identity concealed, Moses is raised as an Egyptian, and becomes a victorious general in the Egyptian army. Moses learns of his heritage and assumes the mantle of the Deliverer of the Jews. The Ten Commandments. The Exodus.

Not all of that! Yes, all of that. All a hoax. Most archeologists now believe that the Jews were never in Egypt and that the Jewish exodus is a hoax from start to finish, see

“Many archaeologists,including Israel Finkelstein, Ze’ev Herzog and William G. Dever, regard the Exodus as non-historical, at best containing a small germ of truth. In his book, The Bible Unearthed, Finkelstein points to the appearance of settlements in the central hill country around 1200 BCE, recognized by most archaeologists as the earliest settlements of the Israelites.”


The Holohoax in the Roosevelt Administration

The London office of the World Jewish Congress began making extermination claims in 1942. The evidence for the claims was invariably ‘eyewitness’ reports. . The World Jewish Congress communicated the claims to the US government using diplomatic channels, and the messages were received by the US Department of State, then headed by Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Undersecretary Sumner Wells. Hull and Wells were skeptical of the claims and suppressed them. They were however duly reported in the New York Times, and many extermination articles appeared in the paper from 1942 on. In 1943 the general consensus of the NYT articles was that two million had been killed, and four million were in imminent danger of being killed. For example, from the NYT, March 10, 1943, p. 12:

“40,000 Here View Memorial To Jews Forty thousand persons listened and watched […] last night to two performances of ‘We Will Never Die,’ a dramatic mass memorial to the 2,000,000 Jews killed in Europe. […] The narrator said ‘There will be no Jews left in Europe for representation when peace comes. The four million left to kill are being killed, according to plan.'”

The source for the numbers? The script for the ‘memorial’ written by Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht.

The photo shows a protest march of 200 rabbis on Washington also in 1943 in support of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Roosevelt refused to meet the rabbis.

Rabbi Stephen Wise and other prominent Jews continued to pressure the government to acknowledge the Holocaust claims, but Roosevelt and the state department failed to take active notice of the extermination reports and continued to downplay their significance. However the Zionists did have an ally in the Roosevelt administration, the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau. Morgenthau was a strong supporter of Jewish immigration to Palestine, and the Treasury Department was actively involved in efforts to arrange and finance the relocation of Jews out of Europe. The Department of State was also involved in relocating the Jews, and conflict between the departments followed. The matter was resolved in favor of Wise and Morgenthau when Roosevelt created a new agency, the War Refugee Board, to deal with the problems of the Jews in Europe. This became Morgenthau’s board, and was effectively a conduit for the World Jewish Congress and other Zionist organizations to direct US government policy and propaganda related to the Holocaust.

The document shown to the left describes the blueprint for the holocaust hoax at Auschwitz. What had previously been the claims of the World Jewish Congress became, by virtue of this document alone, established facts on the authority of the US government. And the evidence? Three anonymous ‘eyewitness’ reports. Thus the foundation of the holohoax was not physical evidence, Nazi documents, US military intelligence, or military field reports. Instead the whole edifice rests on the uncorroborated ‘eyewitness’ testimony of three anonymous individuals as reported to the World Jewish Congress and forwarded to the War Refugee Board. David Irving describes how it happened in this video David Irving’s Holocaust

Note the line in the report above = “So revolting and diabolical are the German atrocities that the minds of civilized men find it difficult to believe that they have actually taken place.”. Did anyone outside the War Refugee Board and the World Jewish Congress believe the holohoax lies in 1945? The US state department did not, but as the Soviet army approached Auschwitz they did investigate the ‘rumor’ that the Nazis planned to kill the prisoners before the camp was abandoned. The telegram to the left from Secretary of State Edward Stettinus shows that the US state department contacted the German High Command through Irish intermediaries and that the Germans replied that the rumor was without foundation and that if camps were abandoned the inmates would be evacuated. This is of course what happened.


Making Thought a Crime

Practically every sentence on this website is a crime, and the author punishable by serious jail time, in many parts of Europe and in Canada and Australia. The laws used to prosecute discussion of the holohoax are ‘hate crime’ laws sponsored by the ADL. Many persons have been tried and under these laws, the best known cases being those of Ernst Zundel, David Irving, German Rudolf, and Frederik Toben, and there have been thousands more! Here is part of Ireland’s Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act (PICA) of 1989,
“2.—(1) It shall be an offence for a person—
( a ) to publish or distribute written material,
( b ) to use words, behave or display written material—
(i) in any place other than inside a private residence, or
(ii) inside a private residence so that the words, behaviour or material are heard or seen by persons outside the residence,
( c ) to distribute, show or play a recording of visual images or sounds,if the written material, words, behaviour, visual images or sounds, as the case may be, are threatening, abusive or insulting and are intended or, having regard to all the circumstances, are likely to stir up hatred.”

Read it carefully. This law can be used to prosecute any expressed thought the government chooses.

For a long list of persons jailed for telling the truth about the holohoax, see

The ADL has worked tirelessly to pass similar laws in the US. What has stopped them? Simple, the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees free speech. The First Amendment, which we take for granted, is unique to the US. And, it is under constant attack from the ADL. You can read about the ADL’s efforts to undermine the First Amendment on their website at

The ADL has passed hate crime laws in most of the states, and has, after thirly years of effort, finally succeeded in making inroads into Federal law. When President Obama signed the Hate Crime Prevention Act (HPCA) of 2009, he said “You understood that we must stand against crimes that meant not only to break bones, but to break spirits — not only to inflict harm, but to instill fear.”

From the ADL – “ADL has long spearheaded advocacy efforts for improved local, state and federal responses to hate violence. From the development of the ADL Model Hate Crime Law nearly 30 years ago, to the Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990 signed by President George W. Bush, to President Bill Clinton’s November 1997 White House Conference on Hate Crime where the HCPA was first introduced, the League has worked to ensure that local and federal law enforcement officials have important tools to combat violent, bias-motivated crime. Over time, ADL helped to build a broad coalition of religious, civil rights, education and law enforcement groups in support of the HCPA.”

Mass Graves at Vinnitsa / Poems at Babi Yar

“Wild grasses rustle over Babi Yar,
The trees look sternly, as if passing judgement.
Here, silently, all screams, and, hat in hand,
I feel my hair changing shade to gray.

And I myself, like one long soundless scream
Above the thousands of thousands interred,
I’m every old man executed here,
As I am every child murdered here.”

Yevtusheko’s famous poem refers to ‘the thousands of thousands interred’, but in fact there are no bodies interred at Babi Yar. The mass grave shown in the photo is in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. There are no poems about Vinnitsa.

In the midst of WW II, the Nazis discovered mass graves in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. In the summer of 1943 they invited an international team of forensic experts, including pathologists from Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Sweden, to examine the bodies and to conduct autopsies. They exhumed 9000+ bodies. Over 600 were identified. For a full account see

Babi Yar is a ravine just outside of Kiev, Ukraine, where the Nazis are alleged to have massacred and buried, according to the source, from 30,000 to 100,000 Jews. There are no mass graves at Babi Yar. There have been no excavations. There is not a shred of physical evidence of a massacre at Babi Yar. According to the holohoax, in the summer of 1943, concurrent with the international delegations at Vinnitsa not 100 miles away, the Nazis used Jewish prisoners to dig up the bodies at Babi Yar, cremate them on grates made from headstones from a nearby Jewish cemetary, and scatter the ashes in nearby farmland. Not a trace of the bodies, no bullets, no artifacts of any type, remain as evidence of the bodies, graves, or cremation. Since there are no graves there have been no excavations. Compare the evidence of the real massacre at Vinnitsa, perpetrated by the Soviet NVKD and investigated by the Germans and an international team of experts, with the non-existent evidence of the hoax massacre at Babi Yar, investigated by no one.



Precedent for Nuremberg: The Hoax Trial of Henry Wirz

On August 23, 1865, a Military Commission of the War Department, on the orders of the President, filed two charges against Wirz, the first alleging that Wirz had conspired with Jefferson Davis, John H. Winder, and various other high ranking Confederate officials to “impair the health and destroy the lives” of Union prisoners of war. The second charge had thirteen specifications, alleging that Wirz had murdered thirteen Union prisoners of war at Andersonville by shooting, stomping, subjecting such prisoners to the mauling of bloodhounds, and various other mistreatment.

Not a single one of the specifications could name even one of the alleged victims, nor describe their unit, rank or any other details about them, in spite of the thousands of Union prisoners who would have witnessed the alleged atrocities.

Prisoners had died at Andersonville due to disease and starvation. Wirz had done all that he could to prevent the catastrophe. See a photo of one of the victims here

The principle witness against Wirz was Felix Oeser, a deserter who had never set foot in Andersonville. For details see

The hoax trial of Henry Wirz, the first ‘war crimes’ trial in history, is often cited as the precedent for Nuremberg, as it “created enduring moral and legal notions and established the precedent that certain wartime behavior is unacceptable.” Wirz is still depicted in the Zionist media as guilty of ‘war crimes’.


Nuremberg Transformed Phantasmagoria into Fact

The hoax was transformed from obvious phantasmagoria into judicially proven fact at the Nuremberg trials, so, they are the centerpiece of the holocaust hoax. This was explicit in the Nuremberg Ordinance No. 7 which reads in part … The Nuremberg Trial

“The determination of the International Military Tribunal in the judgments […] that invasions, aggressive acts, aggressive wars, crimes, atrocities or inhumane acts were planned or occurred, shall be binding on the tribunals established hereunder and shall not be questioned except insofar as the participation therein or knowledge thereof by any particular person may be concerned. Statements of the International Military Tribunal in the judgment […] constitute proof of the facts stated, in the absence of substantial new evidence to the contrary.”

From Nuremberg on, the holohoax could not be challenged in court.



The Jewish Perspective: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

According to leading Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky, to question any aspect of the holohoax is to put one’s ‘humanity’ in doubt. Quoting Chomsky –

“The Holocaust was the most extreme atrocity in human history, and we lose our humanity if we are even willing to enter the arena of Noam Chomsky debate with those who seek to deny or underplay Nazi crimes.”

“By entering into the arena of argument and counterargument, of technical feasibility and tactics, of footnotes and citations, by accepting the presumption of legitimacy of debate on certain issues, one has already lost one’s humanity.”

The holohoax is maintained by an army of Jewish ‘scholars’ who’ll say and do anything to suppress the truth.


There Is No Physical Evidence of the Holocaust

There is no physical evidence of the holocaust. No bodies, no murder weapons (‘gas chambers’), no documents, no photographs, no intercepted communications (although the Allies broke the German encryption codes). There is only ‘testimony’. This was battleship recently admitted by one of the most respected holohoax scholars, Robert Jan Van Pelt, arguing that Birkenau should not be preserved, Pelt states

“Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . . it has become part of our inherited knowledge. I don’t think that the Holocaust is an exceptional case in that sense. We in the future – remembering the Holocaust – will operate in the same way that we remember most things from the past. We will know about it from literature and eyewitness testimony. . .”

Van Pelt is right in that there is no physical evidence of the holocaust, but as for other historical events, like WW II for example, he may have overlooked a few things !


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