Jew Shock: When Whites realise that everything they believe … EMBRACE ALL WHITES!


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[On social media, I had an interaction with another guy. He was of the view that certain Whites are collaborators with the Jews and they must be smashed. I disagreed. Jan]

I wrote this:
You are right that it is a hell of a shock when you discover that most things you knew are wrong. For me, even realising that Jews are a POWER and MY ENEMY – That shocked my ass off. I even did a video about the effects of this massive shock on Whites. I called it: Jew Shock when Whites go Wonky – – However, I must tell you, you must take it easy on other Whites. Everything they believe has been torn from under their feet and it’s a massive shock to their minds and their spirits. So don’t get too angry with other Whites. Embrace them and speak to them. Chasing Whites away won’t help us. We must find common ground and bring all Whites closer. For some of them this is VERY VERY HECTIC and they struggle with reality. And they cling to things they need to believe in. You need to help nourish them and feed them and calm them down so that we can all work together as a team. I see far too many Whites in the White Right just attacking other Whites wildly. Attacking common Whites is WRONG. Attack the JEWS first, and the ELITE NEXT. But don’t go around smashing ordinary people. They are only doing WHAT THEY WERE TOLD, EDUCATED AND INDOCTRINATED TO DO. Help them. You’ll see 95% of White can be rehabilitated. It is only a handful of weirdo degenerates who won’t come right. Keep in mind how HITLER DID IT. Hitler did not run around smashing people. Hitler spent his time EDUCATING his people and TALKING TO THEM. They were no different to modern folks. Cut common people some slack. It’s the common folks who will stand up and fight back. And you’ll be amazed what they will do.

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