JB Campbell who fought in Rhodesia passed away in July 2023


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[It was only the other day that I heard from someone that JB had passed away. I contacted a close friend of his who then told me this story. It's really sad. Jan]

He wrote:
Bruce was literally on his death bed spring 2023. Believe it or not a doctor working at the hospital Bruce was in knew who he was and admired his Rhodesian history. He did some fancy paperwork and made sure all his medical expenses were paid for.

He made an amazing recovery from cancer but still dealing with Parkinson’s.

July 13, 2023 while on a two day driving trip with my wife and son, the night while at a hotel we received this heart breaking message from Bruce titled Adios Amego

It got to the liver and I’m about to check out. I wanted to say bye and thanks for being such a great friend

Can you image trying to find the words to respond to this message ?

My wife and son were very upset. They loved talking with Bruce when he called and they happened to answer.
Sadly I have to say one of the greatest warriors of our time has passed. My family misses him dearly. JB was a real mentor to me and others and will never be replaced.


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