Jan’s reply to Diane King: My NAZI attitude to Christians – You & I are RELATED by RACE…

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[I was touched by Diane, actually replying to a question one of my readers posed to her. She is a very sincere woman in fact. She is truly spiritual. What is sad for me, and what angers me is when Jewish scum fool whites and use whites and then betray them and flee. Then the Jew later complains when whites get angry and expel them or want to punish them – WHICH THEY RICHLY DESERVE BUT NEVER GET.

I made these comments to her. But I will read her reply properly and reply to it later. Jan]

Hi Diane,I am grateful that you took the time to reply. I’m copying some serious friends.

I’m not mocking you. I was VERY SPIRITUAL when I was young and for most of my life. I know exactly how people feel and think. I wasn’t christian but I was surrounded by christians and though I was a “buddhist” I actually had 90% the same values as them.

In some respects it is sad that we meet on this footing. Another friend in Europe, a NAZI atheist I might add, recommended last year that I interview you because of your excellent historical knowledge. But in my own chaos I never got round to doing that. But we may yet do so.

In South Africa we have SERIOUS CHRISTIANS. In fact, Boers define themselves, that as a pre-requisite to be a Boer, is not just racial or language BUT YOU MUST BE A REAL CHRISTIAN. That’s how seriously they take it.

I am happy to say that I speak to Boers, and DEEPLY CHRISTIAN BOERS all the time and they nowadays allow me to communicate with their groups and they allow me to say my say – they’re very polite and cordial and pleasant about it. And I really appreciate that.

I know some NAZIS on the internet mock and even want to attack christians, including friends of mine, but I don’t see it that way. Hitler and the NAZIs had the attitude of Positive Christianity, and I am 100% in agreement with that. OTHER WHITES ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT OUR ENEMIES! No Christian white is my ENEMY. I cannot conceive of wanting to kill you because I see you as a threat. Preserving your physical being, is of critical importance to me. Harming a White Christian is not doing good for our race. And even if race is not important to you, it is EVERYTHING to me.

Perhaps it is my Rhodesian background, where I know what its like when whites are very few and vastly outnumbered, that it has created something in me. Arthur Kemp is the only other Rhodesian who has undergone a change like I have. Though he is very angry with me over something I wrote years ago. It is sad. I am proud of his book THE MARCH OF THE TITANS THE HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE. He did very good in that. So I like to think that Arthur and I may be the 2 Rhodesians who have gone on to try to help other whites.

For me, the whites of South Africa, especially the Boers, are a critical battle front.

A simple point about RACE, is that RACE means that you and I and Jim ARE RELATED BY BLOOD BY DNA. Even if you do not recognise it or its importance. You and I ARE PHYSICALLY RELATED because our ancestors come from Europe. And that is the most critical thing about race. You and I are related, whereas I am not physically related to blacks or Chinese, etc.

Anyhow, its good to talk, and I’ll read your reply and publish it. I may write a response.

You and Jim do not seem to be young. I was surprised when you mentioned that he is a priest, because that means he is driven to converting people to Christianity. So that means he is “heavily invested in it”.

But even as you are Christians and you think race is not of importance, so too, are there Christians here who thought the same, as did other white Christians elsewhere.

Being able to speak in this age of the Internet may be the greatest thing that has happened to us, and I believe excellent things will come out of this.

I’ll read and reply in the coming days.

Thank you,

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