I’ve been running behind on communications & replies…

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Video: STOP FARM MURDERS!!! Black Politicians are directly responsible for Farm Murders!
This is a short video I did which quickly gives you some background into farm murders and why I, and others say that Farm Murders are caused directly by black politicians. Here are many facts about Farm Murders in South Africa that you dont know!

Just a note, I’ve been running behind on a lot of communications with people. So some folks have waited 3 weeks. I’m jumping around between stuff, and this damned hacking and security nonsense has been a waste of time. I’m checking stuff daily because I’m not sure what’s happening.

Hacking attempts seem to have been increasing from multiple countries.

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Ten Years After Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts
This is an article I wrote in 2004, exactly 10 years after hideous Black rule descended upon us. In here are lots of statistics and short bullet points showing the nightmare that South Africa had descended to under Black Communist rule.

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