It is IMPOSSIBLE for White men to lose USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand to Jews & Blacks/Non-whites


This is from an email I wrote to a nice, serious American guy who is keen on an Ethnostate in the USA:

The USA, WITHOUT QUESTION, can be retained by whites, even 50 years from now, even if you are outnumbered. There is ZERO REASON why the USA cannot become totally white again. Of all the nations in the West, you are the BEST PLACED to survive and win back – EVERYTHING. I mean EVERY SQUARE INCH can be dominated by WHITE MALES again. Even Canada can do it too. Once you understand certain things you’ll see that the Jew+Black+Liberal+Communist combination can be defeated even when you are quite heavily outnumbered. The military stuff, the economic stuff … I can show you everything. You’ll see we were winning (in Africa) … and then along came the USA+UK+JEWS with "political solutions" and that was our end. Except for Portugal which had another weird end, maybe manufactured by KGB+CIA. But in the end, whites DID NOT LOSE MILITARILY. It is impossible for white males to lose: North America, Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. If you know what we did in Africa, when vastly outnumbered, you’ll realise the West CANNOT BE LOST AS LONG AS WHITE MEN ARE ARMED AND READY TO FIGHT.

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