Israeli & CIA Terrorism? – Explosion at Isfahan Power Plant – My Analysis

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[Israel and the CIA are constantly waging a constant covert war against Iran. They even hack into computer systems to create problems, or they plant bombs, etc. I would not be surprised if drones are sneaking around too. But whenever you see weird explosions and stuff going on in Iran … rest assured the USA and Israel are behind it. Jan]

An explosion has been reported at a power plant in Iran’s central Isfahan province, according to local media reports.

No Injuries were reported.

Iranian social media suggested the perpetrators were Iranian opposition groups, while the more vital facilities such as nuclear power plants are blown up by Israel. Some said Iran was on the brink of collapse, as these acts of sabotage are also bringing down the country’s economy.

On Sunday, the value of the Iranian coin was set at 260 thousand rials per one US dollar.


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