Is it ever possible for the European Race to be united? Is there any proof that it’s possible? What of White S.Africans?


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[This is a discussion about White Unity. Jan]

A good supporter wrote this to me:
Jan, I personally don’t think that there has ever been any White solidarity in all the history of the White Race.

This is a very fascinating topic. I think it can be possible to certain levels, but it won’t be easy. It is extremely fascinating and I always think about WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS IN HISTORY. Now the vast majority of the people in the White Right think that you achieve unity just by sitting around a table. This is not true, because of economics. At the end of the day, the issue is HOW WILL ALL WHITES LIVE? Because of geography, we run into problems where what is good for one set of Whites is BAD for another set of Whites. This puts the BOERS and White South Africans in a seriously tricky spot. This alone could be the DEATH KNELL for us in Africa. It becomes a very fascinating discussion. I think that for our race to be united, we need something deeper that ties us together. This is a long and complex discussion.

In history, the only time our race was almost united was in the time of the Roman Empire. That is the longest time and the only time that MOST of our race fell under a single Government. So it can be done, but it’s not pretty.

Since then, the only times when Europe was united was due to Napoleon and Hitler. In the case of Napoleon it was by using the might and energy of the French. In the case of Hitler it was by using the might and energy of the Germans. So it can be done. Both Napoleon and Hitler would have SURVIVED if it wasn’t for BRITAIN and RUSSIA. Those are the two bastard countries that took down Napoleon and Hitler. Add to that, the fact that there were Europeans inside Europe willing to turn against both Napoleon and Hitler. If the Europeans, for example, had all stood behind Napoleon and Hitler, then Europe could have survived as a new Rome. Interestingly Napoleon found Spain to be a HUGE problem. Hitler found Spain to be uncooperative.

A possible way out is for Whites to just agree to not GO TO WAR against each other. That if we differ, we just don’t actually ATTACK each other. The Jewish/British plan to drag America into WW1 and WW2 was very bad.

If we have unity, it will require someone strong to force that unity. Currently, that power is America, but America is playing a Global game. And it’s not a White game. It’s a game to keep Jews happy.

I do think, that if enough of a love for our race and the achievements of our race can spread among us all, that it is possible for White men to agree No more Brother wars, and that we rather fight real enemies – racial enemies. I think Hitler brought us close.

ALSO, finally, you must see our race as a slow-moving organism. Things happen over decades and centuries. The last 500 years for example, the Renaissance was a HUGE SHOCK and the full extent of that has not been reached. But the Renaissance IS A TRIP BACK TO ROME!

Keep an eye open for my White Man Chat shows. In one which we did, which will go out in the next month, one of the guys who travelled a lot to Africa, talks about Blacks being unable to reach a consensus compared to Whites. He says we are far superior in sorting out problems among us, and I agree. So don’t knock us. Hitler is a RECENT phenomenon in our history. We’ve not seen the last of the effects of Hitler. Stick around. Our people are not stupid. We must just get JEWISH CRAP out of our heads and out of our civilisation.

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