Is CHIA Crypto Currency a Jewish scam?


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Other people have been telling me about their intentions to mine the new crypto currency Chia. In reality, it turns out to be focused on using disk drives as a method of mining, compared to things like Bitcoin and Etherium, where the mining is mainly done with graphics cards.

I did post a video about why it is impossible for the common man to make any money out of Chia.

But when I was digging into Chia two very Jewish names popped up.

The one is Brian Cohen. There’s no claim that he’s Jewish but as one American I know and respect has said to me, "I’ve never met a Cohen who wasn’t a Jew". Then linked to him is another very Jewish name Horrowitz. His full name is: Andreessen Horowitz.

There are non-Jews involved, but whenever Jews are at work, you can expect all kinds of dodgy nonsense to be going on.

To me it looks like Chia is true bunk masquerading as a crypto. People will be buying disk drives up to their eyeballs and spending months and even years "plotting" (preparing) them, while getting back less and less money than they spent.

The whole thing seems extremely dodgy.

Here are some wikipedia articles about these 2 guys who seem to me to be Jews:

And here is an article about Chia:

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