INCREDIBLE: 2018: 6 million Jews about to die! Netanyahu warns Putin about Iran – Bloomberg


[Now the really interesting story here is how Russia’s latest missiles could change the balance of power in the Middle East. Personally, I welcome this.

But the story is more complex than this. The Russian strategy, since the time of their expanding communism AFTER WW2, has been to support the Arabs against Israel. This is because of a fallout between the Jews at the time of the formation of Israel with Russia. Originally Israel was going to be pro-Soviet Union. But then the Jews decided to switch their loyalties to the USA. Since that time, Russia has been supporting the Arabs/Muslims against Israel.

Iran used to be pro-Western but the USA went and screwed that up and lost a good ally. Now that ally is on Russia’s side. Syria and Iran, like Iraq, are “Russian clients” or have been on the side of Russia since the Cold War.

I find it fascinating that Netanyahu goes to Russia to beg Putin to not deliver those missiles. What we need to see is what Jewish bribery and trickery goes on behind this. I would like to see Putin deliver those missiles. We will need to watch and see whether this goes ahead or not. It will tell us important things.


I’m VERY HAPPY that Iran is scaring the Jews of Israel! But don’t worry. The world is far too stabilized for anything to happen. Nobody is going to change the way things are going. We’re stuck in this damned rut after the good guys lost WW2 (Germany, Italy, Japan and their European allies).

Can you believe the Jewish scum are raising their stupid mythical 6 million dead number again! In this case, they’re using their lies about Hitler and the Germans and twisting it (pretending it actually happened) and now claiming its due to happen again! Well, if only it had happened the FIRST TIME! Jews have used this 6 million figure since the late 1800s in newspaper stories. I’m not sure why they keep using this number and whether it partly has some “religious” value.

Let me just show you an example or two. This is from the New York Times, 1914.

This is from a Montreal newspaper in 1931:

At this URL you’ll find someone went to the trouble of finding all the times since 1900 when the Jews have used this six million nonsense story. Jews have used this stupid number 140 times in newspaper stories!,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

Here is another summary of stories about 6 million Jews and it goes back to 1869!!

Here’s a great article someone did exposing the WW2 holocaust hoax: Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die –

Here’s a short article I did showing how different Jews add up the numbers in different ways but each time the lying scoundrels come back to the mythical 6 million: Holocaust: How Jews lie with Maths & Statistics – 6 Million Dead Jews? –

And for the record, let’s remember that 9 million of the 16 million Jews in the world are SCAMMING Germany right now! 9 million of 16 million Jews are scamming Germans over the fake Holocaust! – Jan]

Netanyahu Warns Putin That Iran Wants to Destroy 6 Million Jews

Updated on
  • Moscow trip comes after new strike targeting Iranians in Syria
  • Risk of direct clash between Israel and Iran is seen as rising

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told President Vladimir Putin that Iran is out to destroy his country, pressing his appeal for Russian help to keep Tehran from using Syria as a launching pad to attack the Jewish state.

Netanyahu opened the talks in the Kremlin on Wednesday amid rising tensions over the possible delivery of Russian S-300 air-defense missile systems to Syria. After attending a military parade in Moscow commemorating the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, the Israeli leader warned that seven decades after the Holocaust, “there is a country in the Middle East, Iran, which calls for the destruction of another 6 million Jews.”
The visit comes a day after a new strike targeting Iranian forces in Syria that the government in Damascus said was carried out by Israel. The risk of a direct clash between the Jewish state and the Islamic Republic has been rising amid concerns in Israel about the growing threat from Iran’s military and allied militias’ presence on its doorstep.

Putin described the situation in the Middle East as “very tense,” telling Netanyahu that he’s hopeful “we manage to find a way to defuse” the conflicts.

Before he left for Moscow, the Israeli premier said that his talks with Putin were “especially” important. “In light of what is currently happening in Syria, it is necessary to ensure the continued coordination” between the militaries of Russia and Israel, he said.

Israeli missiles were fired late on Tuesday at a target outside the capital, Damascus, Syria’s state-run Sana news service said. The Israeli strike was aimed at an arms depot belonging to Hezbollah and the Iranians, according to the U.K.-based opposition monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. At least 15 people were killed, including eight Iranians, it said.

S-300 Deal

Russia has alarmed Israel by raising the possibility of supplying advanced S-300 air-defense systems to Syria in the wake of strikes by the U.S., France and the U.K. last month in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack by regime forces. That could upset the balance of forces, making it harder for the Israelis to penetrate Syrian territory.

While the Russian side hasn’t yet decided whether to proceed with the S-300 delivery, it has every right to do so, Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said on Wednesday, according to the Interfax news service.

Russia understands the risks of a clash between Iran and Israel and “all its efforts are aimed at avoiding this worst-case outcome,” said Elena Suponina, a Middle East expert based in Moscow.

If that is the case, Russia must get the Iranians “not to establish their forces in Syria, because otherwise Syria will not be stabilized, things will happen there, and it can harm the Russian interest in Syria,” former Israeli national security adviser Yaakov Nagel, who has sat in previous meetings with Putin, told reporters in a conference call.

Israel has carried out at least 150 bombing raids in Syria since the civil war began there in 2011, according to Zvi Magen, a former Israeli ambassador in Moscow. Targets have included an air base used by the Iranian military as well as arms convoys bound for Hezbollah, the Iranian-armed Shiite group in Lebanon that’s repeatedly fought with Israel.

Israel’s government and the army have a strict policy of not acknowledging or commenting on military actions taken in the neighboring country.


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  • 20th May 2018 at 3:43 am

    Maybe this is why the Jews have started to deny God, and call themselves God, and have started to destroy all of God’s creation in an insane rage; he has said through the prophet Ezekiel that he intends to MELT the Jews, so that is why the Jews are going mental and wanting to kill all the Gentiles, in their acute paranoid psychosis about who might be going to do that ‘melting’ of the Jews, and that is why THEY have invented all the atomic and nuclear weapons so as to be able to do all the ‘melting’ of all others with their terrorist illegal nuclear Samson Option.

    15 I will scatter you among the nations and fling you out into the lands and I will make your impurity completely disappear out of you. טווַֽהֲפִֽיצוֹתִ֚י אוֹתָךְ֙ בַּגּוֹיִ֔ם וְזֵֽרִיתִ֖יךְ בָּֽאֲרָצ֑וֹת וַֽהֲתִמֹּתִ֥י טֻמְאָתֵ֖ךְ מִמֵּֽךְ:

    16 And you shall be profaned within yourself before the eyes of the nations, and you shall know that I am the Lord.” טזוְנִחַ֥לְתְּ בָּ֖ךְ לְעֵינֵ֣י גוֹיִ֑ם וְיָדַ֖עַתְּ כִּֽי־אֲנִ֥י יְהֹוָֽה:

    17 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: יזוַיְהִ֥י דְבַר־יְהֹוָ֖ה אֵלַ֥י לֵאמֹֽר:

    18 “Son of man! The house of Israel has become dross to Me; all of them are copper and tin and iron and lead in the midst of a furnace; dross of silver have they become. יחבֶּן־אָדָ֕ם הָֽיוּ־לִ֥י בֵֽית־יִשְׂרָאֵ֖ל לְסִ֑יג (כתיב לְסִ֑וג) כֻּלָּ֡ם נְ֠חֹשֶׁת וּבְדִ֨יל וּבַרְזֶ֚ל וְעוֹפֶ֙רֶת֙ בְּת֣וֹךְ כּ֔וּר סִיגִ֥ים כֶּ֖סֶף הָיֽוּ:

    19 Therefore, so said the Lord God: Because you have all become dross, therefore behold, I gather you together into the midst of Jerusalem. יטלָכֵ֗ן כֹּ֚ה אָמַר֙ אֲדֹנָ֣י יֱהֹוִ֔ה יַ֛עַן הֱי֥וֹת כֻּלְּכֶ֖ם לְסִגִּ֑ים לָכֵן֙ הִֽנְנִ֣י קֹבֵ֣ץ אֶתְכֶ֔ם אֶל־תּ֖וֹךְ יְרֽוּשָׁלִָֽם:

    20 As they gather silver, copper, iron, lead, and tin into the midst of a furnace to blow fire upon it, to melt it, so shall I gather with My wrath and with My fury, and I shall cast you in and melt you. כקְבֻ֣צַת כֶּ֡סֶף וּ֠נְחֹשֶׁת וּבַרְזֶ֨ל וְעוֹפֶ֚רֶת וּבְדִיל֙ אֶל־תּ֣וֹךְ כּ֔וּר לָפַֽחַת־עָלָ֥יו אֵ֖שׁ לְהַנְתִּ֑יךְ כֵּ֚ן אֶקְבֹּץ֙ בְּאַפִּ֣י וּבַֽחֲמָתִ֔י וְהִנַּחְתִּ֥י וְהִתַּכְתִּ֖י אֶתְכֶֽם:

    21 And I shall gather you, and I shall blow upon you with the fire of My anger, and you will be melted in its midst. כאוְכִנַּסְתִּ֣י אֶתְכֶ֔ם וְנָפַחְתִּ֥י עֲלֵיכֶ֖ם בְּאֵ֣שׁ עֶבְרָתִ֑י וְנִתַּכְתֶּ֖ם בְּתוֹכָֽהּ:

    22 As silver is melted in the midst of a furnace, so will you be melted in its midst, and you shall know that I, the Lord, have poured out My fury upon you.”

  • 11th May 2018 at 11:24 am

    Here’s a video clip about the many times this lie has shown up through history.


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