IMPORTANT: Jan Lamprecht White Supremacist Jews: Interdict Court Order – COMPLIED WITH

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This is just a quick note that yesterday, the court issued an order stating that I must delete all: videos, photos and references to the Jewish leader who was the complainant. I must delete these from my websites and from social media.

I worked through the night and did all the above. I will publish various screen shots and evidence of what I did. But I did it all within 17 hours of the court order being issued.

Note: My Facebook account was disabled and shut down permanently by facebook several days ago, so it’s not possible for me to login there or go to see my timeline there to see if there was anything still there pertaining to her.

What I did do was delete the video off bitchute and my websites. I checked my sites thoroughly, and I don’t find any references to her.

I will publish screen shots later today as proof of what I did. So I have complied fully with the court order from yesterday.

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