IMPORTANT: From Jan: The Doctor booked me off sick – Bad case of Shingles

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This is a quick note:

Last weekend I had some swelling appear above my right eye. I thought it was something minor and I put ointment on it for 3 days in a row, but it just got worse. By Tuesday morning I had a big swelling above my eye and half of my face was red and hard from inflammation right to my ear.

I went to the Doctor on Tuesday and he told me it is serious and that I have shingles. He said it could damage my nerve. He booked me off for a week and told me to stay in bed and rest all the time.

My eye almost swelled shut, but things are changing all the time.

The doctor gave me anti-viral medicine.

I never take time off, and I work all the time, but I must ask you to please bear with me until next Tuesday. I don’t want to needlessly damage my health.

I have got 2 completed videos. I will release one tomorrow and the other one later.

If I can, I might post a few items on my site – but I can’t promise.

I’ve done everything I can to try to ensure that I get over this at the fastest. But I must sleep and rest.

I found that high doses of Vitamin D and C can also help, and I’ve been adding that as well.

So please bear with me until Tuesday.

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