I am HORRIFIED by Trump’s Travel ban aimed at the EU… HIDEOUS!

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I’ll send more updates, but goodness me I could not believe Trump’s stupid bloody travel ban on Europe!

Where’s his travel ban on China? Its in China that the virus is out of control and they are LYING about it!! Why no travel ban on China and parts of Asia? Why Europe?

The only reason there are any numbers showing in Europe is BECAUSE THE EUROPEANS ARE FIRST WORLD AND THEY ARE COUNTING AND THEY ARE HONEST!!!

Africa isn’t counting. That’s the real reason why there are no statistics on it in Africa ffs.

And if he bans travel from Europe then why is he not banning from UK? Why is there a ban on Norway but not the UK? UK is flooded with Asians and non-whites. I bet you the chance of getting corona virus from UK is 100x greater than from Norway.

The Anglo-American-Jewish Establishment is at work here!!!

What idiocy.

Stick around, give it 2 years or so and we’ll see what corona virus does in Africa.

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