How White Immigration into Rhodesia and South Africa worked decades ago… The MASSIVE Migration plan


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Video & Audio: S.Africas 2nd Last (Boer) President: PW Bothas Last Public Interview (2006)
PW Botha is a Boer who became the 2nd last President under Apartheid. He was the man most responsible for the immense, first class military force known as the SADF. The SADF was the most powerful military force in all of Africa.

[I've been doing various research regarding Rhodesia when I stumbled on a very interesting thing. It seems there might have been some kind of plan for really MASSIVE immigration to South Africa after WW2. So I'm digging into it. I know Rhodesia was much more selective about immigration. Jan]

This is a note I got back from another Rhodesian:
There was a scheme to bring whites to South Africa and it continued well into the 1970s. Rhodesia was far more selective in who it brought in, resulting in a much smaller, but also largely more educated, white population. I spoke to a man recently who had to make 4 visits to the Rhodesian High Commission in London before he was accepted to come to Rhodesia. I cannot find much online, but will continue to ask. As to General Walls-he wrote no books about the Rhodesian war and seldom gave talks.

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