HORROR: USA: Software Engineer tells me: Jews get $1 million while stealing US jobs & companies go to ISRAEL!!!!


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[Here is a story I got from a software engineer in Silicon valley. Just read this. This is how the Jews are just raping businesses and stealing stuff and shifting stuff to Israel. Jews walk away (my jaw drops at this), with $1 million each, while white guys sit struggling for jobs! Shocking! But this is the race of rich nomads, arrogant shit, at work … raping white America. Jan]

He writes:

Hi Jan Not sure if you got my last message. I want to help. We have to stick together. I am an engineer in Silicon Valley. I want to relay my experiences as an engineer. You may be interested. !. I worked at a large technology company that is now gone. The jewish ceo at the time exported technology and jobs to israel. It’s just as you describe. In fact, a jew came by and installed linux on my laptop there. We were instructed to hand over the laptops to this jew from israel! Then he install who knows what on them. Needless to say the company is gone and this country has a hole. In another case at a different company I spoke with a white man that had a circuit design in his cube. He said that he worked on this design but the core of it was out sourced to israel! Now I work at yet another company and guess what? Some piece of a very complex system has been sourced from israel! This piece is buggy and has many issues. People were fired over it and in fact one employee complained that they used us to beta test it. And other employees (chinese ones) asked why we would drop the previous supplier of a proven part and go with this israeli one. Of course the manager in charge is a jew from israel. He quit and moved on. Other older jews have told me they got 1 million dollars in stocks at companies. They also told me I am smarter than they are. Old jews it seems leak information. So what I see is a jew that gets a million dollars while I as a white man am excluded from jobs and ignored. They have to believe I am the only one that can do it or I won’t be hired. It’s disgusting. Action is coming for sure. Thanks again Jan. Your videos are great and your work is appreciated. Keep out of their clutches, they may kill you. Best wishes from the US.

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