Holland: Fears that the Dutch will end up as a minority like White South Africans


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[One of my Dutch supporters sent me this note. I was unaware that Wilders was drawing direct comparisons with the whites of South Africa. The ANC is the black communist ruling party of South Africa – and the Jews loved them and helped them, especially the armed wing!! That’s why the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela is a hero worldwide – the Jews loved it when he started killing whites! You’ll find photos of the super-rich Jewess Helen Suzman holding on to Mandela. Here’s the note from my Dutch supporter.]

Hello Jan,
I know you speak afrikaans so maybe you can also understand some Dutch.

The following link is about a Dutch parlementarian from the PVV (Wilders) who wrote a book
“Minderheid in eigen land” (Minority in own country, how progressive battle transforms into genocide and ANC-appartheid), which tells a story that could have been written by you.

– How the very small ANC destroyed the big Inkatha with money from communists.
– That the leftist government and the left (Jewish) TV-station in Holland promoted ANC and Radio Freedom and did their fundraising for them in Holland.
– The crimes that were committed with that money, f.e. killing political opponents.
– That Radio Freedom promoted violence.
– That the blacks were migrants from the north, and not the first inhabitants of S.A..
– That there is ANC-appartheid now in S.A..
– That Holland is going in the same direction as S.A..
– That minister Pronk of “Ontwikkelingssamenwerking”, responsible for spending money on the ANC in the 70’s, says he is unable to disagree with the contents of the book.

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