Hitler’s Blonde Aryans and the Scythians … Ancient warrior, conquering Whites


I have been digging a little bit into the matter of the Aryans. It’s not a high priority. What I am looking for is some kind of good summary of the Aryans. There is amazingly little available about them. Then there is a BIG DISPUTE as to whether the Aryans were the Blonde people Hitler thought they were.

I noticed, especially from Jewish, Liberal, British and Indian viewpoints, that there is a LOT of denial that Whites, of any form ever conquered India. They all dispute Hitler’s reasoning.

One well established scientific fact is that the Scythians are a genuine subset of the original Aryans. So they are definitely real.

But did Whites, Aryans, actually invade and conquer India.

In some old images of India, from their books, one can see clearly that there was a very White skinned race and a dark skinned race in India. Those light skinned people were the White Warriors who created the Hindu religion and the original Apartheid system, the Caste system which India uses to this day.

I think there is a LOT of circumstantial evidence that Hitler was right. I suspect that, like much of WW2 which is shrouded in lies to protect the fake British narrative about the reasons for WW2, that the Aryans, especially the White/Blonde Aryans is an area of research that needs to be hidden.

What I am looking for, is a Rig Veda book, in English, or a summary of it. That is one possible source, or a documentary or other study regarding this topic. If you know of such things then please post it in the comments.

Given Hitler’s rabid reading habits AND his cool, clear, scientific thinking, I’m sure that Hitler was not inventing this out of thin air, but that it is a valid line of research and that he will be proven true.

I did come across, in writings by a world renowned Military Historian, in a book I have of him, that he regards the Aryans as a real people and he even discusses their weaponry and their tremendous military achievements.

So I will return to that.

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