From Willis Carto’s Wife: Revolt – WHY AN AMERICAN REVOLUTION CAN HAPPEN EVEN NOW – My Comments

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[People have asked me where things will go as they are confused, but my view, like that of Mrs Carto below is that Revolution is nothing new and revolution can happen in any society, NO MATTER HOW MANY MEASURES OF CONTROL EXIST. This is a very important point. Remember this: In any society, no matter how advanced, humans ultimately have the control. Thus when society breaks down, as it is doing in the USA and the West, there will come a time when even the very defenders of society, will themselves lose faith in everything, where even the Police will refuse to shoot or arrest the people because they are on the same side as the people. The military will refuse to kill and the judges and prosecutors will themselves be on the side of the people. For a revolution to happen, ONLY A SECTION OF SOCIETY NEEDS TO STOP SUPPORTING THE SOCIETY AND THEN THE PROCESS OF REVOLUTION CAN BEGIN. Things like COVID lockdowns and the election can create massive new stresses that will just open cracks even wider. REVOLUTION CAN HAPPEN AND WILL HAPPEN. All that we do not know is the DATE when it will begin. But it is definitely coming to America as it will to the rest of the West, and along with it, also race war. Jan]

To all Friends of Willis Carto February 15, 2021

We are told that Americans have chosen their leader for the next four years. Mr. Biden has the dubious distinction to have carried the day. Flawed election results are still awaiting final judgment, but the King has been crowned nevertheless. The coming four years will be most decisive for the future of our nation. China looms as the greatest threat to all free nations. It will be difficult to come to acceptable arrangements, while rightly condemning slavery as practiced in that country and yet continue to have our major industries, led by the once pro-American Chamber of Commerce, engage in their version of “free trade.” The shameless greed of the Google and Apple high-tech sector, not caring a whit whether or not our country can survive the onslaught by the hard-core communist Chinese government, is astonishing. Our elitists are not suffering since they heavily invested into our “sound” politicians who carry the day for them. Opposition movements will slowly be taken over by ever-expanding government. Wear a double mask we are told now. The swamp is still there and watching. Taxpayers will have to pay for the never-ending insane policies the present rulers see fit to foist upon us. Battles will be fought and must be won. Millions of our citizens are already alerted to the call to object to everything coming out of Washington. The cancel culture is waiting for all of us.

Revolutions are nothing new in human history. Successful ones degenerated into terror and destruction, as the communists did in Russia. Nesta Webster’s book The French Revolution explains the conspiracies involved in destroying a country and its culture. Revolutionaries want change and control; anarchists set out only to destroy. They are useful tools for the real revolution, but in the end are dispensable. She writes: “They had the art and wisdom to appear as mass, marching under one banner, the banner liberty, which floated over the heads of men whose secret aims were widely divergent, thus presenting a united front to the world.”

Quoting from one Arthur Young who watched the unfolding French drama she writes in 1919

“Will posterity believe that while the press has swarmed with inflammatory productions, that tend to prove the blessing of theoretical confusion and speculative licentiousness, not one writer of talent has been employed to refute and confound the fashionable doctrines, nor the least care taken to disseminate works of another complexion?”

Liberty Lobby had a record of activity for pro-American causes for over 50 years. Colonel Curtis B. Dall, as head of its political action board of policy members, for many years testified before congressional hearings. He gave speeches all over the U.S. and rallied support against bad, or for good policies that came up before Congress. I am posting an article of a meeting he addressed in Richmond, Virginia in 1971. It is a good example of the political situation then, compared to today. From the Federal Reserve to the Supreme Court situation to taxes and the CIA, it all seems to have come to an unsolvable stand-still even then. Good patriots have spent their lives spreading the word. Mr. Trump finally heard their message. Before the Internet, we had tons of printed material and put it to good use. We need a good new newspaper again, unafraid of printing the truth and where it leads to. This would be a good suggestion for President Trump.

Willis Carto was a prolific publisher of many books, newspapers and magazines. He started a third-party movement in the ‘80s, the Populist Party, which survived for a few years until is was destroyed by the usual culprits from Washington, D.C. Third parties can usually not survive an election successfully.

Listed below are a number of articles published by Willis from the 1960s through 1970s:

“Equality, One World and Science,” by Professor Garrett Hardin, in Western Destiny (1966)

“Rhodesia and the Realities of Multiracial Societies,” by Dr. Robert Gayre, speaking at the University of Pretoria in South Africa (1970) . Published in The American Mercury in l976

Col. Curtis B. Dall, speaking to the Americans Against Communism Committee in Richmond, Virginia(1971)news clipping.

This month is a reminder of the greatest tragedy ever confronting the hapless population of Dresden. Please re-read and weep. Published by The American Mercury in the Spring 1969 issue.—1945

I also recommend to our friends a book publisher who tirelessly prints and reprints titles which in this cancel culture age would not be making it off the desk of other publishers, email them for their latest listings. stm

On George Washington’s birthday, February 22, rally around your beautiful monuments of Washington and Jefferson and all of the dedicated Americans who built this nation. Hold on to them!

His words: “Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.”

Thank you!
Elisabeth Carto

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