Hitler’s Aryans: Are the Iranians (Persians) of Aryan Origin? – What I know so far…

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[A reader sent me this question. Jan]

The supporter wrote:
do you have any material or knowledge on Iran being of Aryan origins.

I replied:
I simply have not delved very deeply into it, but I will tell you what I have uncovered so far and what I think. You will notice that the Iranians (and various Middle Easterners, especially the more northern ones), have a Whitish skin and then some, like Assad of Syria, are truly White looking. I believe he even has blue eyes like Hitler did. That means he has ancestry that goes to the Baltic Sea. That’s the only place on Earth where Blue Eyes evolved.

Nietzsche in one of his books used the name Zarathustra. This may have been a White religious man from what is now Persia. He might even have been White. Nietzsche used his name because of the type of book he was writing. He was trying to mimic the Bible. This has to do with the Superman/Higher Man.

I have come across scientific references to there being Aryans that entered Iran. Modern Iran is the same country that was called Persia. But I can’t remember the exact reference. They were talking about a type of Aryan people – but they had a special term that escapes me now. It was almost like a "rural Aryan". These were people who lived in the flatlands. There was a special term but I can’t remember it. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

I think it is almost a certainty that Persia was founded by Whites and specifically Aryans. The Aryans however, came from the NORTH EAST as best I can remember. It is as if they were an off-shoot or related to the Aryans who came from northern India!

The impression I have formed, from my bit of reading on this matter is that Persia was probably created by Whites who conquered an empire that was then composed of non-Whites/partial Whites.

I say this, because when the Ancient Greeks fought the Persians, the Persians were not as awesome and heavilty armoured and technologically advanced as the Greeks. The Greeks were extremely outnumbered. The "Persians" came in large numbers. Later when Alexander the Great conquered them and the Egyptians, I got a similar impression.


To my knowledge, the Aryans of Persia did not have the racial requirements that the Aryans of India had when they created their religion.

There were MANY different empires in the Middle East and the Northern Middle East, some of which most people have never heard of. Now some did have pure Whites – like the Hittites for example. Ancient Egypt was also created by Whites. But then you have all this interbreeding that goes on over the centuries and millennia. That is why you get varying shades of Whiteness in the Middle East and the northern Middle East is Whiter.

So it’s very hard to say exactly when did the Whites totally fade away and turn into the mixed race that we see as the Middle Easterners.

In the case of the Persians, I think that by the time of the Ancient Greeks, they were very possibly down to a White Elite ruling a Whitish-mixed race people. This is a guess.

Interestingly when the Persians invaded Greece, they not only came in huge hordes, but their logistics were extremely impressive. They had huge fleets of ships. This suggests to me that you must have had high IQ Whites around at the top.

But the Mass of the soldiers did not seem to me to be like the Greeks or the Romans.

If you look at the Iranians before Islam, and photos of their society, it looks amazingly White actually.

So Iran might be an area where, perhaps due to the extreme nastiness of the country, maybe White DNA survived there the best.

This is the best I can say to you now. I will keep an eye open on this topic.

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