Hitler will haunt you Jews until The End of Time – My response to an idiot on Gab…

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This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

A guy on Gab made a bunch of arguments claiming Hitler was a Jew. Either the guy making the points was a Jew or he was a fool who bought into Jewish nonsense.

He made a number of points about the outcome of the war as the “proof”. I responded as follows before getting rid of him from my time line:

You sound to me like a JEW. Your arguments against Hitler are utterly bogus. Every single one of your arguments is a junk argument. All those things you mentioned – your “facts” – that’s just a Jewish attempted twist to rebrand hitler as a bad guy. YOU ARE A JEW!!!! Do you hear me? YOU ARE A JEW MAKING A JEWISH NONSENSE ARGUMENT.

Hitler was the greatest enemy JEWS EVER HAD. That’s why Jewish scum are still trying to misdirect facts about Hitler. Hitler was a white man who ruled Europe despite every Jewish attempt to destroy him. He succeeded in the face of global Jewish attempts. Everything he achieved, he achieved in spite of many JEWISH TRAPS laid down for him. HITLER WILL HAUNT YOU JEWS UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!! I repeat: YOU ARE A JEW and you are TALKING YOUR JEWISH SHIT. I had plenty of Jewish friends. I know your crap. Always trying to misdirect whites. What a race of scum you are.

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