Hitler was a Sissy … Where are the piles of DEAD? – Pathetic Dr Verwoerd

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It’s been quite a while since I stirred situations up as much as happened with my first Verwoerd video. I got hit from all sides. A lot of people had many criticisms. I was very surprised by certain Boers who attacked Verwoerd vehemently. I am sad to see Boers so angry – not all of them – but some of them. But I will delve more into the matter. I suspect I know some of what is going on in their thinking and so I’m chatting to some of them to get to the bottom of the matter.

Then I had this guy, whom I suspect is an American maybe sending me notes like this about Verwoerd:
Show us Hitler 2 exterminating some Kikes or quit wasting people’s time..

I replied:

BTW, you are extremely and needlessly RUDE.

How many Jews did Rockwell or Dr Pierce kill?

Then he replied:
South Africa is full of Niggers. Show me just one photo of niggers and Jews piled up awaiting the rendering plant grinders and conveyor belt incinerators. Hitler was a sissy..

When he called Hitler a Sissy, I responded as follows:

You sound like somebody with a loud mouth. In which country do you live?

Have you actually lived in a war. Can your walk match your big mouth?

If a small man, who has done nothing criticises men who have actually done things, then that’s easy stuff. Anyone can do that.

But can YOU match or BETTER any of them?

Study some military history and learn stuff.

I do hope you retain this energy when the bullets start flying though. I like your energy.

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