Hitler: The TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE Prussian Victory in Seven Years War & the DETERMINED Romans


I was going through Hitler’s speech in detail, to his generals on 28th December 1944, where he described the military situation, how bad it was and what he was going to do. In it, he mentions some very interesting things. The most interesting thing relates to King Frederick the Great of Prussia and the 7 Years war, a topic I will eventually return to because Frederick the Great, was an incredible warrior of modern times. I would even posit that Frederick was the first of the greats, in the time of Christianity. In other words: Frederick the Great, Napoleon and Hitler. And that there are more to come.

Here is the excerpt from the speech I would like you to focus on. Take special note of the Romans at Cannae and the Prussians. Hitler said:
The objection that, with respect to such issues, we must think in sober military terms, can best be refuted by taking a quick look at the great events of history. In the time after the Battle Of Cannae, everyone would, by sober military calculations, have been forced to the conclusion that Rome was lost. But, though abandoned by all her friends, betrayed by all her allies, the last Army at her disposal lost, and the enemy at the gates, Rome was saved by the steadfastness of the Senate — not the Roman Folk, but the Senate, which means, their leadership. We have a similar example in our own German history, not of the same worldwide significance, but tremendously important for the whole course of German history, for the later foundation of the German Reich was determined by this hero, was made possible by his historical achievement. I refer to the Seven Years War. As early as the third year countless military and political officials were convinced that the war could never be won. According to human calculations it should have been lost: 3,700,000 Prussians were pitched against about 52,000,000 Europeans. In spite of that, however, this war was won. Even in struggles of a worldwide nature, the spirit is one of the decisive factors. It enables men to discover new ways out, and to mobilise new potentials.

End of the Hitler excerpt.

Firstly: Cannae: This was the Roman Army’s greatest disaster. Hannibal, their enemy, who was an exceptionally talented White man from North Africa, totally wiped out the entire Roman army at Cannae. This was an unprecedented disaster, and under normal conditions, any nation that suffered a total wipe-out like the Romans did that day, would never have survived. But the Romans were incredibly determined and refused to surrender and over the next 14 years they clawed their way back against Hannibal until they defeated him. The Romans were NOT QUITTERS. They never gave up.

Secondly: His reference to the Seven Years War relates to the totally impossible situation where Frederick the Great found himself at war with all of Europe. It must be said that Frederick got money from Britain – perhaps Jewish Britain. But what I found amazing were the population statistics that Hitler cited. He says that 3.7 million Prussians (Germans), fought against nations and Empires whose total population was 52 million. That is a staggering ratio of 14:1. Now it’s one thing being outnumbered 14:1 by Blacks. But to be outnumbered 14:1 against other Europeans is very, very intense. Yet Frederick won. I must however add a caveat and it is this: That the war was won because someone died, I think in Russia and that is how other nations finally quit. The war should have been a defeat. But that lucky event saved them. So it does give us an idea of an upper limit of Whites vs Whites. That is amazing. It does include of course Russia which is not totally White. But even so, I think it’s a fair assessment.

Frederick the Great’s strategy was amazing, and not the sort of thing any normal army or leader would do. Frederick was incredible.

This will also give you some idea of Hitler’s own knowledge and how he saw wars and struggles of prior Europeans IN A POSITIVE LIGHT … which I totally agree with.

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