HELP! Denmark: What’s happened to & NS Viking? Shut down by the Jews or by the Govt?


[I got this message below from one of my readers in Denmark. Something really bad has clearly been happening there. I am desperately looking for ODIN and for NS Viking. Jan]

Here is what one of my readers in Denmark wrote in response to my query:-

Hi Jan. I have also been wondering what happened to There were many great articles about jews in Denmark and how to identify them. I was able to identify several jews and half jews typically with a Danish mother which I have known for long time. One of them have always claimed he was from Argentina but when i confronted him he admitted that he is a half jew. Before my awakening he was actually talking about the jews very intensive trying to tell me that they are in control and are manipulating things.
I also suspect my teacher in German classes in primary school to be a jew. He claimed he was french but his surname is (((Goll))). He was very structured in his teaching but there were many anti-german postulates from him. And he loved the anti-German propaganda movie – Wir leben mit gewald – which is aimed to brainwash white school children. – bottom and second from left side

In high school i also suspect some of my teachers to be jews – especially my teacher in Ancient Greek classes – there was something very weird about her. And another one loved Weimar-Germany and wanted us to make study tour to Israel. She also wanted me to write about some paintings from a jewish family called (((Hirschsprung))

I replied as follows:-

Hi Andreas, I’m extremely concerned by the downing of ODIN and also the disappearance of NS Viking.
Please, please can you and others keep an eye open on this?

I know ODIN was doing fantastic work exposing the Jews in Denmark. Odin told me that ALL Danish politics has been subverted by the Jews. ODIN I think used to be a Policeman.

I tried my utmost to get hold of Odin and especially NS Viking. I had many methods of communication, including old email addresses, etc. And ALL are gone. Even her Gmail is not functioning.

Odin’s email also doesn’t exist.

So what the hell is going on there?


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