Good White Intelligence: Dr Andrew Joyce of Occidental Observer – Saving Whites from Jews

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I like the Occidental Observer website and post some of their articles. But yesterday I was reading an article that, near the end, blew me away. It was from Dr Joyce. I really liked his analysis on what we Whites need in order to survive this Jewish nonsense. He spoke about a type of "Global Nationalism".

I was reading that and thinking, yes, I totally agree.

He made a remark along the lines that we Whites should take the view that if one of our Nations goes down, that it impacts ALL OF US. That was fantastic.

I would go deeper than just Nationalism, to saying we need GLOBAL WHITE RACIALISM.

Oh boy, Ben Klassen of the Church of Creativity was heading down that path.

Anyway, I need to find Dr Joyce’s article, because the ending was very awesome.

I have myself been thinking of the many ways these Jewish scum cheat us and have destroyed our nations dozens and dozens of times over the centuries and how exactly can this be overcome.


These Jews can be put in their place very easily, if all Whites have a certain loyalty to each other.

Here in Africa, the Jews and Communists actually tried to teach Blacks a type of racial awareness. The Blacks used to have a saying: "An injury to one, is an injury to ALL". They used to openly state that here in South Africa. That is of course TOTALLY RACIAL despite them claiming to not be racial.

But we Whites should all think like that. If we stopped harbouring desires to DESTROY each other, we would never go downhill. Our civilization would move from strength to strength. Nobody can conquer us.

The answer to our survival problems is nothing more than:-
a) A Racial Loyalty to each other so that links to other Whites are more important than links to Jews and Non-Whites.

b) NEVER work for the downfall over another White Nation
c) If any White Nation falls, then it harms all of us.
d) We should all regard ourselves as OUTPOSTS of the same entity (Western Civilisation) – with responsibilities back to that entity.


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