Good Jews? Are there well assimilated Jews in America? – My Reply

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[This is from a note between myself and an American reader. Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:-

Dear Jan, Greetings and very best wishes.
The video dealing with the Rabbis comments on the Jewish problems is telling it PRECISELY as it is. I suspect that very few Jews who actually do live in Israel truly want to live there for any number of very good and valid reasons, not the least of which has to do with the WIDESPREAD corruption, criminal activities, the self-centered mind set and of course the AVARICIOUSNESS that is SO prevalent among most, if not ALL, Jews.

For what it’s worth, I personally heard a Jewish woman speak of another Jewish woman (who was behaving as a complete ASSHOLE at the time in shop that was run by a Jewish acquaintance of mine) saying: "They stopped Hitler too soon!"

I cannot but agree with that opinion of most, but surely not necessarily ALL, Jews. I’ve met a few here and there that were fully assimilated and genuinely decent, upstanding, American Citizens.

Blessings and the very best of good wishes to you, as ever,

My response:

… snip …

Regarding truly assimilated Jews. In the end, they can never really assimilate – even if you think so.

Did you ever see my video about Napoleon and the Jews?

Let me warn you, they may seem assimilated now … BUT WHEN HARSHER TIMES COME all of multicultural society will collapse.

Then you’ll really see race differences standing out clearly. Blacks and other non-Whites whom you thought were on your side, will NOT be on your side.

I’m warning you, in the end, the WHITES will be on their own. I’ve lived through this and seen this.

Take care

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