Global White Racial Survival and Victory and White/Boer Survival in South Africa – Boers as an extension of Europe – Europa Uber Alles!!

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[This is part of a note I sent to someone in Europe. Jan]

The fact that you did not sleep well, it sounded from your voice note as if you couldn’t sleep because you were excited. Am I correct? I am very happy that things are starting to work on your mind. That is excellent news. Stick around. There’s much to say.

I am doing the most intensive research that I can. … snip … But I’m digging deep and hard and thinking on two levels (a) Totally racial for all our Race (b) The Survival of Whites in SA. I want the best outcome for everyone and I’m digging in as hard and deeply as I can, because I KNOW how our race works. WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. Nothing has changed. Jews want us to believe that "things are different now" but that’s all Jewish hogwash. Nothing is different. We need good solid ideas that will work … and I want BIG VICTORIES for us. Not small shit. HUGE STUFF – game changing stuff – global game changing stuff. Strategically, the Boers are an extension of EUROPE and Africa belongs to Europe. That is how things actually did work and were working – and even now the European economy and African economies are closely linked. I think it is best if our race is led by the Europeans again. And Europe is the greatest super power – but nobody notices this. My motto is Europa Uber Alles!!!

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