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My goal is to release 3 videos per week, even if, I sometimes run into problems with my schedule. So you should hear from me every second day. I’m back on schedule.

I’ve been winding up the second Angola video and just want to check it one last time. I think I worked out all the kinks. Due to the size of the video it was very tedious doing checks and fixing. But I’m 99% certain it’s ready to fly… I have been pleased to see it being watched a lot on my bitchute channel. There are people in Europe and America who want to interview me about it. I wanted to get all the Kasrils stuff out properly so people can hear things right out of the mouth of a South African jew. People overseas tell me that these South African Jews walk around everywhere telling people how terrible apartheid was. They are doing to us what they did to the Germans. They are taking things out of all proportion and twisting it against us. I will show you later more examples of this.
I can now again return to the topic of race war including even some stuff from America about white and blacks and race war which I think you’ll enjoy. However what I want to tackle immediately is the topic of the effects of our wars here in Africa. Very very sadly nobody, nobody at all, even our generals, politicians or any of our senior people or historians ever pointed out how massively damaging our actions were on blacks and black states. The side effects of our actions left blacks with enormous damage beyond imagination and yet, in every case this was not even our goal. We focus endlessly on what harm blacks do to us, yet we never, never, never ask the question of what our actions do to them. The results I think will astound you. Perhaps the secretive nature of our wars is part of the reason why we never boasted about it or perhaps our Christian guilt complex made us deliberately turn away from what may actually have been our greatest successes. So the next video I’m working on is war that Rhodesia started and South Africa finished and what it did to blacks. I also will include my discussion face to face with pw botha wherein I asked him why he stopped this war. You will be shocked at how Rhodesia and South Africa flattened a big black nation and turned it into the poorest nation on earth and it remained that way for decades….. So we will be returning to war in the next few videos and I think you’re in for some shocks about things Rhodesia did, things south Africa did and things both Rhodesia and south Africa did and you’ll see how we sent the blacks feeling in death and pain and shock.

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