From a Welsh reader about Sick Britain, the Celts, Pagans, Dr Pierce & White Racial survival


[Here are some things a Welsh reader wrote to me. My reply to him is at th bottom. Jan]

Cheers Jan diolch yn fawr iawn. Yea the once Great Britain is sick, the English (mainly) have doomed us with their individualism and unholy alliance with the you know who’s. The Celtic Welsh way was much more tribal and some things actually meant more than money or greed to us. Search the song "calon lan". I’m generalizing because obviously there are good English people. But they are white flighting from England diluting us, and on the whole I notice they are less traditional, more as (Kevin MacDonald about N Europeans) said open to outsiders. But this country is getting like the USSR. Thanks for replying you are a gentleman sir, hopefully one day you will be recognised for the hero/vanguard you are for our people.

Dear Jan The YouTube channel "fortress of lugh" does a lot of good stuff about Celtic history vs Anglo in Britain and the cultural and genetic differences also. P.s I remember you (as I have watched your work for a long time) used to respect Varg vikerness a lot. I do also think he is right on a lot of what he says. And as a pagan sympathiser myself I hope he is right about a pagan revival in the modern world, but could it happen? Or is what Ben klassen and William Pearce created cosmothiesm more realistic? P.s first video of yours I watched; Why Dylan roof was right and why White’s under react to racial threats.

P.s one other thing all the best ;pob lwc i chi. You are fighting a noble cause and it must be daunting with what you are up against. But as the Portuguese did in Angola resist brother and never surrender. I know you won’t. That was a great true story you told there by the way in Angola, you do great work reviewing the true history concealed from us White’s.

Also I used to think the divide was urban vs rural when I was younger and that does explain some of it. But also there is a divide between the Brythonic Celt and the Anglo Saxon descendants still. Even though there has been a lot of mixing going on. But the language is the way we have still managed to cling on to some of our heritage/culture in pockets of Wales that haven’t been Anglicized.

My Reply:
The way you describe the Welsh surviving "independently" is very similar to what the Boers/Afrikaans people do in South Africa. They use their unique language to great effect and it is a very powerful tool for holding them together. I find it very interesting how many divisions there are in the British Isles in such a small territory. The English teaming up with the Jews is clearly the greatest force that currently unites the British Isles. I am quite sad that the Scottish have not been keener on breaking away.

You mention the English themselves changing. This is very probable. All Whites are busy changing WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. Be warned, Whites will one day move into a new direction. Whites can move in this direct without anyone even realizing it. The Jews are trying to suppress Whites, but how Whites will change and what they will turn out to be, might NOT be what the Jews or the Liberals ever intended. KEEP THAT IN MIND. That ultimately, all groups will change in a way that they believe is more beneficial for them. So all of this can backfire on the Jews too. In that regard the Jewish war on Christianity can ultimately be very threatening to the Jews – though the Jews might not realise the danger of what they are doing. I think the destruction of Christianity might create more problems for the Jews than they realize! I think it will backfire on them. It would not surprise me if the Jews run around like crazy later trying to revive Christianity. But I do believe we must move beyond it.

Re: Revival of Paganism & new White religions like Creativity and Cosmotheism
I think that historically, as a mega-trend, that we may have been moving towards Paganism and away from Christianity since the start of the Renaissance. I think this is a mega trend that our race has not been aware of. The process may take another 100 or 200 years to complete. I think the process has been MASSIVELY ACCELERATED by the threat to Whites. e.g. White Genocide.

I think when we look at Frederick the Great, Napoleon and Hitler, that we are seeing a slow return to the Roman Empire and European military power and also towards more Pagan values.

With regard to paganism as a religion and a set of values, I would welcome that heartily. To me, Paganism embodies a very sane and realistic approach to life which is much stronger than Christianity, and it’s very natural to our people.

I think Ben Klassen did a massive thing to our race by inventing the religion of Creativity. I love Creativity. I think Klassen was a truly great thinker. I have not studied Dr Pierce’s cosmotheism though someone said to me recently, that some of my thoughts are very similar to cosmotheism. I know that Dr Pierce set out to do excellent good work for our race so despite my lack of knowledge about what exactly he did, I have no doubt that it is good.

It is very possible that Whites will adopt a synthesis of values that will define our new racial culture. e.g. It will be pro-German, pro-Hitler, anti-Christian and pro-Pagan along with other values thrown in. It won’t be a turn-the-other-cheek type of culture, but a much stronger, much more militant view of the world. I think we will come out of this much stronger than before. Those who have been beating up on us are going to rue the day they did this. They will pay the price for this.

re: Angola and the Portuguese
I am glad you liked it. Those were very important videos. But there will be more from southern Africa where we will analyse these wars and what can be learned from them. I was amazed by what the Portuguese did when they were facing an immediate threat to be exterminated. It was a very European response – very nice.

re: Urban Vs Rural divide
I agree with you. I see this as caused by other higher level things. For example, I think that Urban culture is essentially a Jewish dominated (and sick and weak) business/money orientated view of life. However Rural culture is much more White/European and it is our more natural culture whereas the urban culture is NOT natural for us. But these problems will be solved. Keep in mind that Hitler and the NAZIS took over the cities and were able to crush that sick Jewish culture. So don’t think that the urban culture can crush us. We can crush the urban culture. We need to take everything back including the biggest cities. There is too much of great strategic value there for them to be abandoned. But the NAZIs, originally, came from rural people. The Rural/White culture can defeat even the biggest cities. Don’t be worried by this.

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