FRANCE: The Disappearance of Flight MH370: Don’t trust the official American & Western Story line

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Here is something that is of interest. I have come across interviews by two French people who wrote books on the disappearance of this plane from Malaysia that has fooled people for years.

The one book was written by a Frenchman whose wife died in the accident. The other book was written by a lady journalist. The female journalist’s name is: Florence De Changy. Her book has been translated into english and is called: "The Disappearing Act". I don’t know what the French title is.

She says she went through all the data and reports and tried to establish, firmly, what happened to the plane that can be proven. According to her, the plane NEVER MADE THE U-TURN which the West claims it did. Because the official storyline is that the pilot was suicidal and he made a u-turn, and then flew out over the Indian ocean and the plane crashed there. Australians have been hunting for the plane for years using the most modern methods.

Some of the plane’s wing washed up on the east coast of Africa. This might seem like firm evidence, but her story is deeper.

She says that she established that the plane continued to fly straight and it was close to Vietnam. She says two American AWACS planes were near it when it "disappeared". She says that she thinks the AWACS planes "cloaked" this plane to make it "disappear".

She thinks the Americans played some key role in the disappearance of this plane. She says she established that there was more than 2 tons of cargo on that plane, which was NOT SCANNED. I think she said it was 2 tons of electronics. I think the plane was on it’s way to China.

She thinks the CARGO is the reason the plane was "made to disappear".

A good German friend of mine who monitors German websites told me another thing. He said that there were 20 Chinese scientists on that plane too! He thinks those Chinese scientists are the reason the plane was made to disappear. His theory is that the Americans may have taken that plane to Diego Garcia.

Anyhow, the French man who wrote his book, plus this French lady journalist, both did their own investigations. And they totally doubt the entire official story.

I particularly like the thoroughness of the French lady journalist.

If anyone ever gets more information about what’s in either of their books, I’m interested.

They both seemed solid to me, and they had done good work. It seems to me the Australians were either fed rubbish or were in on the secret. They’ve hunted for that plane for years and found nothing.

So I want to add my final though: If the American military was in on this, then they could easily, have caused the bit of debris to wash up on the east coast of Africa in order to mislead everyone.

That little bit of debris is all that was ever found. But among the comments by those who study air crashes is this: If the plane hit the sea, there in the southern Indian ocean, then there would have been an ENORMOUS debris field. The planes who scoured the oceans would have easily found it.

So this may lend credence to my thinking that the US Military may have thrown those bits off the coast of East Africa as a way of misleading people.

Anyhow… those are just some thoughts. I do think, on the whole that MH370 needs a lot more looking into.

It does seem to me as if the US Military was stopping either some cargo or some cargo and scientists from getting to China. It must have been something really important.

Any feedback on this topic if of interest to me. This is a bizarre story.

Also, I should add: Malaysia is anti-Israel. So at one time I had wondered if there is an Israel link. But it seems more likely this is a US-China thing and the US Military stopped this flight. Perhaps they took the plane elsewhere and landed it.

The technology that is in the hands of the US military is insane. I suspect, if they wanted to, they could even have taken remote control of that plane and flown it where they wanted to.

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