All is not well in Jewish Google world: Fired Google engineer gives his first interview


[The real moral of the story here is not his position on women. The real issue is that inside Google, not everyone is falling for the PC line. All the forced multicult nonsense is also not flying. The Jews may still be pushing the management of Google to attack the rest of us, but Google is being hurt by the Jewish moves. This shows that inside one of the highest tech companies in the world, the youngsters are not fooled by the Liberal/Jewish lies. In some way it goes against their spirit.

Whites must NOT give up. The entire Jewish structure can still come unstuck GLOBALLY! Just keep on pushing. The structure is not as strong as you’ve been led to believe.

BTW, Stefan Molyneaux is a HUGE LOVER OF JEWS!! He’s said this on videos. He loves the Jews and despises anyone who is against him. So don’t be fooled by him! (((They))) like him!! Jan]

You can view the video and read the article here:

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