Fauci Doomed as Skeleton Crawls from Closet, Exposes Critical Error in Pandemic Response


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New information has emerged that exposed a critical error made by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top health officials during the pandemic.

It has now been revealed that researchers had a simple test that would have changed the course of the pandemic.

However, Fauci was made aware of this test but chose to ignore it.

Fauci has yet to explain why this test was not used widely.

Investigative reporter and author David Zweig discovered that we had a test that could determine whether a person who tested positive for COVID-19 was infectious in May 2020.

But Zweig says public health authorities like Fauci appeared to have ignored the game-changing test.

Researchers at Stanford University developed the test.

They found that the vast majority of asymptomatic individuals who tested positive — 96% — did not transmit the virus.

This is the opposite of what Fauci and others told us. And because we thought anyone could spread the virus, the lockdowns, school closures, etc followed.

Zweig writes:

“In spring 2020 the public was bombarded with a message that would soon permanently embed itself into the national consciousness: people without Covid symptoms could unknowingly be infected and—more importantly—transmit the virus to others.

“This was the justification given by Anthony Fauci in the first week of April 2020 for his 180 on community mask recommendations.

“A lot of people who were asymptomatic” were spreading infection, he said, so everyone should wear a mask.

“A chorus of public health professionals, including Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the FDA, made the same argument. As did the CDC.

“The specter of asymptomatic transmission undergirded not just policies on masks, but on distancing, and quarantines as well.

“The concept of ‘silent spread’ was so influential that Deborah Birx, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, named her book Silent Invasion after it.

“The entire apparatus of our pandemic response—which, most consequentially, kept millions of healthy children out of full-time school for more than a year—was based on this notion.

“Now, a paper from researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospitals raises an extraordinary prospect: transmission from asymptomatic people is far, far less common than we were led to believe.

“Most people who don’t have symptoms, of course, are not infected.

“So the likelihood of someone who is not noticeably sick actually being infected and infectious was exceedingly rare.

“This means that much of the actions we were told—or compelled—to take, including an acceptance of all those closed or half-empty schools, had little to no benefit.

“Worse still, the novel test at Stanford that showed a very low rate of infectious asymptomatic people who had tested positive was available as early as May 2020.

“Yet the CDC and other health authorities did nothing.

“To be clear about the importance of all this: as early as May and June of 2020, a test existed that, if it had been rolled out in medical centers and regular labs nationwide, could have enabled people to know for certain whether they were infectious or not.

“Unlike the ambiguities of epidemiological studies or models, this was a biological test.

“The CDC ultimately published Pinsky and his colleagues’ paper about the test in January 2021, but it began use at Stanford more than seven months earlier.

“This raises serious questions for those in charge of the CDC, NIH, and NIAID for why resources were not allocated toward making this test broadly available.”

The Most Important Test You’ve Never Heard Of

In May 2020, Stanford scientists developed a test that could have altered the course of the pandemic response. It was never rolled out.

My latest:https://t.co/NooGSptreF pic.twitter.com/rXlAZaJ9uB

— David Zweig (@davidzweig) May 8, 2023

Great write up @davidzweig

To be clear, there was a 2020 household transmission meta-analysis (secondary attack rates = “SAR”) that demonstrated roughly the same result:

Asymptomatic SAR: 0.7% Symptomatic SAR: 18%

(0.7/18) => 4%

“Experts”: “Lockdown! Close schools!”

🙄 https://t.co/vxExUnxljq pic.twitter.com/zIpH3eyaoB

— Newsom Myālgía MD, PhD (formerly Virál) (@contrarian4data) May 8, 2023

He continues:

“Schools, if they were open at all, operated at half capacity in order to comply with distancing rules; in many states all children were required to mask all of the time; and students were quarantined repeatedly for long stretches of time, even though they were not infectious—all of these rules, that kept healthy children home or in masks, were based on the idea that we didn’t know who could be infected and contagious.

“We were made to believe that each of us was a potential, unwitting one-person-WMD,” he wrote.

“Who can forget those video illustrations all over social media and major news outlets of little, red poison dots floating out of people’s mouths and noses toward innocent individuals nearby?

“While medical centers and other places with particularly vulnerable people may have benefited for some time from the more stringent rules, schools—as they did in Sweden—and most of society could have simply followed the classic advice ‘if you’re sick, stay home,’ and we would have ended up in the same place.”

Source: https://slaynews.com/news/fauci-doomed-as-skeleton-crawls-from-closet-exposes-critical-error-in-pandemic-response/

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