EXCELLENT: Florida Legislature passes law prohibiting Critical Race Theory being taught in Florida schools

[An American sent this to me. Jan]

Today, the Florida legislature passed a law prohibiting Critical Race Theory being taught to students in elementary schools through high school in Florida. This codifies the Executive Order issued by Florida Governor Ron deSantis which banned this practice.

One parent of three (3) children explained how non -elected officials have been instituting policies that can negatively effect her children without parent approval of a curriculum that (at least in Florida) has concentrated on the 3 R’s and turned out many students proficient in areas that allowed them to attain good jobs and good standing in life without being side-tracked by programs that too many parents believe are the responsibility of the parents. She received a standing ovation.

Go to www.theFloridaChannel.org to see and read more about this action. .

It was mentioned that 26 other states are seriously considering similar legislation at this time.

David Heckman

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